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Parents Must Be Involved In Their Children's Education

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Have you heard the old adage, “It takes a village to raise a child?” Even in today’s busy world where villages are almost nonexistent and neighborhoods aren’t as closely knit as they once were, this saying holds true. The same principle applies to your child’s education—it takes more than a good school to educate children, just as takes more than a good home to make children well adjusted. It takes community, teachers, and it takes YOU!

Did you know that children spend over 1,000 hours a year in school? So, if they go to school for 13 years, that adds up to 13,000 hours when someone else teaches, influences, molds and cares for your children. But, if parents and schools work together, children can grow up as educated, competent and productive members of our society. So how can you help your children in school? One of the main ways is to ...view middle of the document...

So, where do you start? It is best to try and meet teachers early in the school year. This will help the teacher better understand your values, your child, and also lets them know that you support your child’s education. Teachers like to have parents who are interested in a child’s progress.

If you are involved in school activities and events you will have added chances to talk with you children’s’ teachers. Becoming involved in PTO, PTA, and Booster Clubs also gives you a change to get to know the teachers better. On top of that, involvement in groups related to the school give you a chance to have some say in the decisions that may affect your children. You don’t have to be involved in everything. Choose something that is manageable and give it your all.

Another good investment in your child’s education is to volunteer. What you do will depend on the needs at your school and your abilities, but usually the possibilities are endless. Lunchroom monitors, tutors, library aid, a classroom speaker on a specific topic, concession workers, playground monitors, field trip chaperones, or room parents are all frequently needed. Let the teachers know what your interests are, then they’ll have an idea who to call for help. Sometimes you can contact a teacher by phone or can visit the classroom to check on your child’s progress. Be sure to ask the teacher for convenient and appropriate times for those activities.

Help at home is important also. Children do better in school if parents support their education at home. Turn off or limit the television on school nights, set a regular time for homework and make yourself available to help, read to your children on a regular basis, talk with your children about the things you read together or about the lessons they are learning in school. Health can also affect school performance. It’s important for children to get regular sleep, eat breakfast(cereal and juice or milk is a good starter), and get plenty of exercise.

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