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Parents Children And Alcohol Essay

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Parents increase family cohesiveness and trust when they allow their children to drink, which provides the children an understanding of a societal norms within the global community. The excepted practice of children drinking before the legal age of 21 is practiced within many countries around the world. Parents struggle with many aspects of a hormone charge youth. Allowing a child to drink under supervision of their parents lessens this hormonal frenzy to a significant degree.
College students binge drinking has reached an all-time high, just within the last 20 years the number of underage college students drinking is staggering. Underage drinking accounts for more than 1825 ...view middle of the document...

If you search into the rolls of the many AA meetings, you will find that although each story is unique to teller, it commonly tells the same story. There is one particular question that is asked within the AA meetings. That question is did you drink as a child? Less than 300 of 2300 participants answered yes. So, what of the 2000 in this survey? The participants did not drink as youths, but find themselves battling an alcoholic addiction. A preventable addiction, if educated an early age. The conversation of a child drinking is so taboo, the concept has not even fostered a genuine study to entertain this out of bounds issue. Countries that allow a lower drinking age do not study this aspect because it is socially accepted. Therefore these countries see no problem.
Opponents of children drinking will debate about the acceptable age for a child to drink. This decision is not one that can have a blanket age, it most certainly should not be left to the law to decide. The parents should have the final say as to what an acceptable age would be for their child. The acceptable age argument has no teeth, as it does not allow for the intuitiveness of parents to properly raise their children. Making drinking less appealing by allowing parents to foster an early social drinking behavior with their children is the key. Opponents of this line of thought would have drinking be the Golden Fleece, in which a youth will spend 10 to 12 years of their life in search of the illusive iniquity. They will also spend many nights scheming on how to capture this fleece within their homes, at the local liquor store, or at school under the gym bleachers. Which one sounds more appealing?

Parents increase family cohesiveness and trust when they allow their children to drink, which provides the children an understanding of a societal norms within the global community. The excepted practice of children drinking before the legal age of 21 is practiced within many countries around the world. Parents struggle with many aspects of a hormone charge youth. Allowing a child to drink under supervision of their parents lessens this hormonal frenzy to a significant degree.

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