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Parents Are Not Children Essay

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Parents are not a child's only source of information about gender stereotypes. Teachers, relatives, peers and the mass media also influence stereotypes. The mass media has a large impact on gender stereotypes. The media has become one of the most influential resources, which all people frequently use in their everyday lives. Pretty much everybody watches television and movies, or reads books, newspapers, and magazines. For many generations women have been portrayed as sweet, seductive, and charming housewives. The male has always been "the man of the house."The males usually get the better end of the deal when it comes to the mass media. Many of the major film directors are men, which shows ...view middle of the document...

Women in commercials usually talked to people of a lower status and to other women about a more limited range of topics. Women are always the ones cooking, cleaning, doing household tasks or taking care of children. They are portrayed as being emotionally and physically inferior and obedient to men. Women are seen as weak creatures. They tend to be limited to a life controlled by family and personal relationships. In daily shows such as soap operas, women are usually hysterical, crying and emotionally out of control. This makes women seem like the inferior sex, which leads to many false stereotypes. Women as sex objects are the most common stereotype of women on television. 428 The mass media also influences the stereotypes we hold about occupations. The main occupations for women on television are models, nurses, maids or secretaries, and they also often seen as sales assistants or care workers. Few women are even shown as employed.There are also unfair stereotypes of males in the media. Men are told they should participate in sports and focus their efforts toward achievement and career goals, developing their intellectual500 and physical abilities fully. Television and advertising silently shout a very clear message: men must be...

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