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Parents And Conception Essay

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Parents and conception
Maatrimaan Pitrimaan A'charyavaan Purusho Veda - Shatapatha Brahmana.*
"Verily, that man alone can become a great scholar who has had the advantage of three good teachers, viz., father, mother, and preceptor." Blessed is the family, most fortunate is the child whose parents are godly and learned. The mother's healthy influence on her children surpasses that of everyone else. No other person can equal a mother inn her love for her children, or in her anxiety for their welfare.
this explains the use of the word Matrimaan in the above quotation, meaning thereby:- "He alone is said to have a mother whose mother is devout and learned." Blessed is the mother who never ...view middle of the document...

The mother's healthy influence on her children surpasses that of everyone else. No other person can equal a mother inn her love for her children, or in her anxiety for their welfare.
this explains the use of the word Matrimaan in the above quotation, meaning thereby:- "He alone is said to have a mother whose mother is devout and learned." Blessed is the mother who never ceases to impart to religious tone to the mind of her child from the time of conception till his knowledge is perfected.
It behoves both parents before, during, and after conception to avoid the use of such foods and drinks as are intoxicating, decomposed (Lit. - foul-smelling) non-nutritious, (Lit. dry), and prejudicial to the growth of the intellect; and use those articles that are productive of mental tranquility, health, strength, intellect, energy and good temper - qualities that go to make a man refined.
Such foods are milk, butter, sugar, cereals etc., - foods and drinks that help to make the reproductive element (both male and female) of the highest quality, free from all faults and imperfections. They should follow the rules of sexual intercourse, which are as follows:- From the time of menstruation the 16th day following is the proper time for (sexual intercourse) barring the first four days and
*Maatrimaan Pitrimaan A'charyavaan Purusho Veda - Shatapatha Brahmana. In the text the word mata, i.e., mother precedes
the 11th and 13th of the (lunar) month; so that there are altogether left ten nights out of which it is best to choose one for sexual intercourse.
After the 16th day there should be no sexual intercourse till the return of the aforesaid period, or, in case of pregnancy for one year. At the time of sexual intercourse husband and wife should be perfectly healthy, mutually happy, and free from sorrow. In the matter of diet and dress they should follow the rules laid down by Charak and Sushrut,* and in the matter of keeping each other happy they ought to practice the system taught by Manu.
During conception the mother ought to be very careful as to her diet and dress. Till the birth of the child those articles only should be used as are productive of intellect, strength, beauty, health, energy and mental...

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