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Parenting: Amy Chua Vs. Hanna Rosin

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Bridget Johnston
Writing 101S
Writing Assignment 1: Comparison and Contrast Essay
March 22, 2015

Parenting: Amy Chua vs. Hanna Rosin
Is there a right way to raise your child? There are really no set rules on how to raise your child, as we can see throughout the articles written by Amy Chua, a self-described “Chinese Tiger Mom” and Hanna Rosin, a “Western Mother,” in The Wall Street Journal in January 2011. These articles show that the two authors have completely different parenting styles. On one hand, Amy Chua believes kids should not go to sleepovers, be in school plays, and get anything less than A's in school except for gym. Meanwhile, Hannah Rosin believes that children need ...view middle of the document...

Living in a household with western style parenting, I disagree with Amy Chua. Yes, your parents want you to do better but most do not run and blame it on the school or school system.
The next big difference concerns extracurricular and social activities for children. Chua opposes sleepovers and play dates. Like Rosin, if I had children I would definitely allow them to have sleepovers. Throughout my life some of my best memories of me and my friends revolved around them. Sleepovers and play dates (especially) are an essential part of childhood because it helps with social and trust skills. The next good topic Rosin mentioned was “the oddest part of Ms. Chua’s parenting prescription is that it exists wholly apart from any passion or talent.” (Rosin) If you are going to play an instrument it should be for the love of it and not the “fame” or awards. According to Chua “Chinese parents believe they know what is best for their children and therefore override all of their children’s own desires and preferences.” They also believe their children owe them everything and must repay them by obeying them and making them proud. Chua gives the example of when her daughter was seven and could not play a piano piece properly, Chua threatened to give away her dollhouse piece by piece, not give her food, Christmas or Hanukah presents, or birthday parties until she got the piano piece right. Even Chua’s husband thought she was being too hard on the daughter, but eventually the daughter was able to master the piece and was very proud of herself for doing so. Rosen states she would be thrilled if her daughter made it to Carnegie Hall but would not threaten to burn all her stuffed animals or donate all her toys to the Salvation Army if her daughter did not...

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