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Parenting Essay

1352 words - 6 pages

Team Project #1: “Getting to Know LSCC” Project—400 points


Handout Alert: Pass instructions out to students. See Week 3 supplements for student project handout.

Team Project #1:

Selecting Groups Tip: How to get students to select their topics, without knowing it: Have each group select a number, 1-7, whatever number they select as a team, will be their project.

“Getting to Know Lawson State Project”

Group Project #1: Using effective leadership, time management, communication, critical thinking, social and team work skills, each group, through the use of a variety of internet based ...view middle of the document...

Project #1: Group Assignments (400 pts.)

|Group 1 |Honors College (Review Tegrity presentation, leaflets, |Honors College (Review Tegrity presentation, leaflets, interview |
| |interview Director and/or Co-Director or Honors Instructors|Director and/or Co-Director or Honors Instructor or Academic Dean)|
| |or Academic Dean) | |
|Group 2 |Student Activities, Student Organizations, Student Life & |Student Activities, Student Organizations, Student Life & the |
| |the SPACE Center —(View Tegrity Videos and website. |SPACE Center —(View Tegrity Videos and website; Conduct |
| |Conduct interviews. Visit Space Center). Limit presentation|interviews; visit SPACE Center). Limit presentation to 10-15 |
| |to 10-15 minutes. |minutes. |
|Group 3 |College Transfer Programs—(View Tegrity Videos—Academic |College Transfer Programs (View Two Tegrity Videos—Academic |
| |Affairs and College Transfer Videos, the website & |Affairs and College Transfer Videos, the website & online |
| |catalog). Limit presentation to 10-15 minutes. |catalog). Limit presentation to 10-15 minutes. |
|Group 4 |Career Technical Programs & Health Professions (Nursing & |Career Technical Programs & Health Professions (Nursing & |
| |Dental)—(View Tegrity Video, website & online catalog). |Dental)—(View Tegrity Video, website & online catalog). Limit |
| |Limit presentation to 10-15 minutes. |presentation to 10-15 minutes. |
|Group 5 |Library—(View Tegrity Video and website. Conduct |Library—(View Tegrity Video and website. Conduct interviews). |
| |interviews). Limit presentation to 10-15 minutes. |Limit presentation to 10-15 minutes. |
|Group 6 |Financial Aid-- (View Tegrity Video and LSCC website). |Financial Aid—( View Tegrity Video and website and LSCC website). |
| |Limit presentation to 10-15 minutes. |Limit presentation to 10-15 minutes. |
|Group 7 |Admission & Records –( View Tegrity Video and LSCC |Admission & Records –( View Tegrity Video and LSCC website). Limit|
| ...

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