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Parent Workshop Essay

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CHFD 212 Parent Awareness Workshop Assignment

Workshop Development Instructions:
Below you will find a time framework for a 2-day workshop. Drawing from you understanding of infant and toddler development concerns and suggestions from the text and any online resources you want to research, indicate the activity you would place in the time slot, the goals for the activity (what you want the workshop parents to get out participating in it), what materials would be necessary and why you chose the particular activity (how would it support your goals; is it something parents can relate to and easily learn from, etc.). Do this for each time-slot. You can combine up to two time slots per ...view middle of the document...

If you use a video, describe its content and why you plan to use it. Reasons for using materials should always be directly related to what you want the participants to experience and learn.

The workshop must be hands-on and interactive. Partipants must not spend hour after hour watching videos, listening to guest speakers and/or sharing in group discussion sesions. Being mindful of how children best learn, even though the workshop isn’t for them, is a good way to keep the workshop experience interactive. For example, if one of your hours on the outline will focus on child safety concerns, consider having the parent participants get down on hands and knees for a child’s eye view of a room which you have staged to represent a non-safe environment. Such a setup might have electrical outlets without protective child guard covers, cabinets lacking child safety locks that contain household chemicals and a 5 gallon bucket with 6 inches of water in the bottom of it. This would be a hands-on, interactive learning experience much more engaging and informative than being given a handout on child-proofing a home.

One or two sentences per session on the workshop outline is not sufficient for this assignment. Be prepared to spend time researching resources that can help parents of infants and toddlers become better parents and describing their purpose. Use concepts from the course text as well as other topics that you think would be of interest to parents of this age group, drawing on what you have learned from the class. The best suggestion for this assignment is to start early and ask questions if you need guidance.

This assignment requires a cover page and References page, each in APA format, but not an abstract as this is not an essay writing assignment .

The events in the 2 day workshop and materials used MUST be described in your own words. The workshops CANNOT be a copy of a published layout from any hard copy or online source. Any published resources that your work is based on or inspired by MUST be source credited in the workshop agenda, in APA format, for each hourly event on the 2-day schedule and in a separate APA formatted References list attached at the end.  FAILURE TO FOLLOW THIS POLICY WILL RESULT IN A 0 FOR THE ASSIGNMENT AND A REPORT OF VIOLATION FILED WITH THE REGISTRAR’S OFFICE.

The 2-day workshop template begins on...

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