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Parent's Perspective: The Sex Talk With Their Children

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Parents’ Perspectives: The “Sex Talk” with Their Children

Remember talking with your parents’ about the ‘birds and the bees?” Maybe that

discussion never occurred because your parents’ vaguely skimmed over the sex education

topic or they were too uncomfortable discussing “sex” with you at all. What

parents don’t realize is that talks about sex education with their children can significantly

affect sexual behavior in a positive way. Unfortunately, most parents do not talk to their

children about sex because parents feel it’s a very awkward discussion to have with a

child. ”In a study, published in Pediatrics by Dr. Mark Schuster (author & chief of ...view middle of the document...

Four times, all the families who participated were surveyed, once at the

beginning of the study, then again at three, six and twelve months.

Once the study was completed, “more than half of the parents admitted that they

had not discussed 14 out of the 24 sex related topics by the time their adolescents had

begun genital touching or oral sex with partners.” The effectiveness of birth control had

not been discussed by 42% of girls reported and 40% admitted they had not talked with

their parent’s about how to refuse sex before engaging in genital touching. It was very

interesting to find that 70% of boys said, they had not discussed how to use a condom or

any other birth control methods with their parents before having sexual intercourse.

Contrary to the girl’s parents’, only half of the boy’s parents’ said they had not discussed

condom use or birth control with their sons.

We can clearly understand that talking about sex with our children is an area of

importance we need to initiate, develop and support our children. Sounds like parents

need support with approaching the topic, but we will discuss this issue in article 2.

What’s a bit humorous about the study is that many parents believed they had already had

the conversation about sex with their children, but when the children were surveyed, they

had no recollection of the parent-child dialogue about sex. “Dr. Karen Soren director of

adolescent medicine at New York Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital.

Parents sometimes say things more vaguely because they are uncomfortable and they

believe they have addressed the topic, but the kids don’t hear the topic at all.”(Park,

Time Health). Dr. Soren has three children of her own and she makes a very personal

remark of how she views the difficulty of discussing sex with children, “Your kids look

at you like you are crazy and you feel like you want to run.” (Park, Time Health) One of

the important facts that the study revealed was that the parent-child sex dialogue needs to

happen much sooner than they have been occurring. There are sex conversations that are

age appropriate, depending on the age of the child. For example, we should not talk about

contraceptive/birth control methods with children who are the ages of 10 to 13 years old

or oral sex. Youth 15-18 years old would have a more involved conversation about sex

and their choices. As parents, we should attentively listen to our children when they ask

questions about sex and openly answer their questions. Parents should be cognizant of

open opportunities to initiate “sex talk” conversations with their children. A good

example would be, possibly a young extended family member gets pregnant or a

permission slip needs a signature from a parent, due to your child participating in the “sex

education” class in school. Parents should take advantage of these moments and elaborate

extensively about the “sex talk,” of course with taking into...

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