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Parent Information Packert Essay

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_ th Division-Team #_____
Team Name: _____________

Parent Meeting Information Package

1. Introduction of Coach and Assistant Coach
Coach Name, Coach Asst. Coach Name, Asst. Coach
Coach Address Asst. Coach Address
Coach Phone Number Asst. Coach Phone Number

2. Philosophy of 7th Division Play (modify for other divisions)
The philosophy of 7th Division soccer is for the children to learn soccer skills, learn the rules of the game, provide a forum for the children to play hard, and most of all, for the children to have fun playing soccer. There is no score keeping in 7th division, so please refrain from discussing winning or losing. We want you to encourage them ...view middle of the document...

Cleats run between $12 and $25, but are hard to find in all children sizes. Sporting goods stores carry them, but they go fast at this time of the year.
Shin Guards: Required playing equipment to protect the child’s lower leg. Children are not allowed to participate in games or practice without shin guards.

5. Parent Protocol and Responsibilities:
Remember this activity is for the children, not the parents. Being positive and supportive of whatever they do is the most valuable interaction you can have. The children learn winning and losing attitudes from us, so be mindful of what you say to the children to encourage them.
Don’t call to your child by name while they are playing. Let them play and us coach. Although we as parents want to provide as much guidance as possible, parents tend to distract their child’s attention away from the game or practice. Your guidance will be encouraged and requested for practice at home.
Be organized about having your child’s equipment prepared for practices and games, and be prompt about arriving at practices and games. Practices begin at x-time so have you child to the field 10 minutes early. Arrive at games at least 20 minutes before game time so that we have time to warm-up and discuss the up-coming game.
If at any time you have concerns about what I, as coach, am doing, or want to discuss specific items regarding your child, please come and tell me. I would prefer to speak face to face with parents, and preferably after soccer practices or following games.

6. Game Days
Playing in a soccer game (particularly the first few games) can be a very intimidating experience for these young children, especially if they have not participated in such an event previously. Parents need to be very calm and supportive about the game, as the children feed off the parent’s emotions. Try to explain that the game is really just a practice, but together with another team of children. Don’t make the game a big ordeal at home, as this makes the children very nervous. They assume that they are suppose to be doing something extra or unusual to please you, since you are making a big ordeal over this “game”. Please plan ahead and be organized about getting the child ready for the games. If you are running late to get to the game, it will make all involved nervous and anxious.

First team listed on the schedule is home team and coach of home team picks which side of field to have team on. Parents should not come to the team section of the sideline area during the game as this is usually a crowded area, and your presence there is a distraction for the children.

7. Uniforms
Uniforms will be distributed at the last practice before the first game. Please reserve wearing the uniforms for games only. Do not have them wear the uniform to practices. We want each child to have a clean, neat uniform for game days. Once the season is over they will be able to wear the uniform all...

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