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Paradise Part 2 Essay

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Decision In Paradise Paper, Part 2
Seane Banks
December 19, 2011
Rebecca Marek

Decision In Paradise Paper, Part 2
Trying to find a workable solution to expand my event company I arrived to this secluded island of Kava with a general search in mind. Despite the fact that the island was struggling with natural disasters, racial tension and infrastructure, I decided to go ahead and go forth with and increase my investment. I decided that we shouldn’t take all of their resources and not give back and make a difference. Seacai’s perfect events will not only implement their organizational process, Human resources and ethics, but we will apply smart decision-making ...view middle of the document...

Then a consensus from the team will be formed. These teams will be created with the appropriate people and active participation is encouraged. In this constructive environment the Five Whys techniques will help find the true problems that we are face with on the island. If you are trying to solve a problem ask yourself “why?” Until the root of the problem surfaces. This technique is very easy to learn and apply to different problems.

On the island of Kava more than half of the population is under the age of 15, which means as the children grow up and began their lives the will then get inrested in having weddings, throwing a party, or even having some type of fundraiser event for the prevention of HIV. By being able to educate the children at a young age we can help stop the spread of HIV in this very small community. From that there can be weddings that have very success endings, or even the biggest birthday bash can be given. To optimize each problem my company can us the systematic approach to decision making.

To choose the best possible solution we will use optimizing as a strategy to be used. Depending on the importance of the problem will determine how thoroughly optimizing can be done will depend on the time allowed foe solving it, the involved cost availability of the resources and knowledge, and company values. Systematic approaches support effective problem solving. Lab studies suggest that when companies adopt such approaches, they are less likely to ignore relevant information, and less apt to fail to consider its implications (Tyre, Eppinger, &Csizinsky, 2005).

Seacai’s Perfect Events has to maintain a reputation of being the best independent event company. To make sure this greatness is being achieved in the island of Kava we are committing to training and...

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