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Paradigm Shift Essay

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The technology that I have chosen is the cell phone. This little item that can fit in the palm of your hand, has become a part of our everyday life. It is our lifeline for phone numbers, emails, pictures and numerous other pieces of our life. The cell phone reminds us of upcoming birthdays or medication refills. But in my opinion there are 3 major impacts of this specific technology. They are social interaction, privacy, injury. I will also look into the future and talk about what may be on the horizon for the cell phone.
First of all, how the cell phone has affected our social interaction. Have you ever been sitting at a restaurant for a nice dinner with your family, and looked around at other people? Sure we all have, but did you ever notice all the phones? It’s impossible to find a table with someone not using a phone. They are taking pictures, texting a friend or updating Facebook. That little item ...view middle of the document...

But how do I know all my private photos , phone numbers , and apps are keeping everything private. The fact is phones have cost us quiet a bit of privacy. Gps or Global Positioning System has become a major part of a cell phone. It is a nice feature, but also lets everyone on the planet know where you are. It is a give and take. You get directions for a trip, but also you are letting anyone know exactly where you are going.
Thirdly, but by no means the least important is injury. Texting and driving has become a hot topic nationwide. States have banned the action and it is punishable with a ticket. I am pretty sure that when most people think of a cell phone, injury is want they think of. Accidents from driving or even walking are on the rise. The National Safety Council “estimates that 1.6 million crashes each involve drivers using cell phones and texting.” That’s incredible! The cell phone is so important to people that they are literally risking their lives to use it.
So what does all this mean for us? In closing, I would like to take a look into the future. Let us say 20 years from now. I think that the technology of the cell phone will continue to advance. Phones will hold more information. Screens will be able to show breath taking pictures and colors. They will be smaller, faster, and lighter. The only thing that might prevent it from advancing is humans. Maybe we become more physically integrated with the technology and phones become yesterday’s news. A perfect example is Google Glass. Google glass is a pair of actual glasses that let u make phone call, search the internet, video chat with friends, pretty much everything a handheld cell phone does. Could this be the future? You cannot rule it out, but something tells me the cell phone will be around for a long time to come.

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