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Paradigm Analysis 2

1384 words - 6 pages

Paradigm Analysis

Grand Canyon University: EDA-575

September 17, 2014

Paradigm/Belief | Opposite Paradigm/Belief |
1. Administrators must be learners.Administrators must take the role of being the lead learner. One of the most important responsibilities of a leader, if not the most important, is becoming the lead learner. (Green, 2013) This will demonstrate to the staff the value the leader has for learning. It will also assist the leader in staying current on current strategies and practices in the educational field. | 1. Administrators already know all there is to know about education.The field of education is constantly changing. A leader needs to stay up to date with the ...view middle of the document...

This will also provide empowerment and leadership opportunities for staff members. | 3. The leader is in charge and should manage the organization by themselves. This type of attitude, will a get a leader now where quickly. The ability to run a school organization by yourself is impossible these days. |
4. Educators should use data to meet the needs of each student.Common formative assessment should be used to provide instructional direction for educators. This will provide educators with information to determine intervention and remediation strategies. Through collaboration, with grade level teachers and a student intervention committee, strategies for individual students can be determined. | 4. Educators should not spend time using data to help meet the needs of each student.The method of teaching and then using a summative assessment at the end of a unit, does not promote student growth. There needs to be data used along the way to determine how the students are learning. Also, a teacher may use the data to adjust their teaching strategies. |
5. The use of standard based grading technique can be used.Standard based grading is more effective in determining what the student has learned. We tend to reward working, instead of learning. Do the pile of work and you'll get the grade. Don't do the work—and even if you demonstrate mastery of the skill or content—you won't get the grade. (Varlas, 2013) This type of grading is criterion based and can tell a teacher what the student has mastered. | 5. Standard based grading should not take the place of the traditional A-F system.This type of grading does not tell a teacher what a student has mastered. A student may do all the assignments and still not master the content. The student is being rewarded for effort not what they have learned. |
6. Intervention and remediation should be built into the daily schedule. Building intervention and remediation time into the daily schedule will benefit students. Students are able to get more immediate help and clarification. Through collaboration teams, students needing intervention or remediation are identified, and can receive further instruction or assistance on a more regular basis. | 6. There is not time for intervention and remediation to be built into the daily schedule.The before and after school intervention and remediation is not the most effective. Many students do not participate in this type of intervention. Some students can’t get the help at home because of the lack of knowledge of their parents. If the intervention is daily the students can receive immediate help. |
7. Meet the diverse needs of the community through the collaboration process.The ISLLC standard 1 supports the need for collaboration among all stakeholders. Through collaborating with community members, the needs of the diverse populations can be met. Once an understanding of the needs of the community is acquired, they can be factored into the decision making process....

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