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Parable Of Sower Response Paper

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ENG :101

The parable of sower
The parable of sower by Octavia Butler published in 1993 is a novel that reflects different types of problems in the society in a nearly future such as: race, religion, politics, sexuality and violence. The author uses different examples trough the novel in order to show all those problems. The parable of sower begins in Robledo few miles from California in July 2024 to 2027 in this period of time many things happened to Lauren lives’ who suffered a rarely syndrome called hyper empathy which is the ability to feel the perceived pain and other ...view middle of the document...

Lauren has a word on her mind and it is Earth seed a wonderful place where she can live without feat and worry .However she have to do many things to survive and keep hopes of starting a new life away from the place that she was forced to live after all her family was murdered. While her people was dying of hunger and lost in addiction of drugs, rich people didn’t do anything to help them. Even more she has to deal with a religion that her father instilled in her and she did not believe on it but she look how people uses God as a symbol of change that never came.

Religion plays a very important role in society and the human role in which certain principles and beliefs at everyday life are based. Although religion is not only based on church or fulfill the sacraments but also in putting into practice what the bible teaches. In the parable of sower novel, religion is a social issue which influences a lot in order to make decisions that would change the entire course of life from the beginning to the end. Religion is present in every aspect but the living declines make them to lose their values and principles .Day to day things change and people looking for a better way of life lose their values and often their identity. Many times those changes tend to happen for different reasons such as political, religious or poverty same as happened in the parable of sower. Corrects decisions sometimes appear to be wrong, in the novel also teaches us that mostly easy paths tend to be the most difficult and choose them could cost the freedom same as happens those days with some people who prefer to steal from others and get easy money and end up in jail or in a grave. Another important aspect shown in the parable of sower is the anxiety of freedom that she want even though she have the opportunity to live better but she refuse to accepted it. Compare to the reality in the U.S it happened for the last two century. Slavery still predominates nowadays in a different way and it affect mostly to illegal people that don’t have any right , eventually they are contributing for the goodness of the country .In contrast ,it is the time when religious and political aspects go together , politicians take the name of God as a change but at the end they just find the better for them and the rest of people still living in poverty and many of them without rights .Lauren become a good leader for the rest of the group ,she give then protection along the way to the earth seed .In addition The Parable of sower chapter 3 at beginning “The astronaut was sent on a space mission was killed. The cost of water goes up making it even costlier than...

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