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Papers In Mass Communication

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JUNE 2012

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The internet, a worldwide network of computers, grew out of ARPANET, a defense-related communication system developed in the 1960s.
More recently, through home computers, modems and internet service providers, and through others services like web TV, the internet has become available to the general public. It has grown both in host of computers and number of users over the past few years and this has been attributed to some key innovations., among which is the World Wide Web.
Nelson,(2012) agreed to this as he said the internet has irrevocably altered the way we communicate with one another.” With the dawn of the internet, global communication would never be the same’, he said. This is basically attributed to Tim Berner- Lee’s invention of the World Wide Web, and the email.
Theoretical Explanation
This paper hinges its discourse on the Roger Fidlers’ theory of Mediamorphosis. According to Anaeto, et al (2008), Fidler defines mediamorphosis as the transformation of communication media, usually brought about by the complex interplay of perceived needs, competitiveness, political pressures, and social and technological innovations. The essence of mediamorphosis is the idea that the media are complex adaptive systems.
In order words, the media like every other system responds to external pressures with a spontaneous process of self reorganization. Fidler (2007) opined that “Mediamorphosis is a unified way of thinking about the technological evolution of communication media. By studying the communications system as a whole, we will see that new media do not arise spontaneously and independently — they emerge gradually from the metamorphosis,’’
The significance of this theory to the subject of discourse lies in the fact that the internet is a medium of communication that has emerged to influence everything about the traditional mass media of communication. Human needs, wants and aspirations are a complex interplay of pressures leading to a need for reorganization and innovations that will be able to meet up with the pressure of perceived needs, competitiveness, political pressure, social and technological innovations.
Internet trends are in similar vein, the expression of innovations in terms of software and content that are meant to augment or enhance existing uses of other communication and media- related use of the internet.
Internet trends
Internet trends are basically the innovations going on in the manufacture and use of service and content based applications on the internet, with the impacts they are making on web users, software developers, service providers, and government and media organizations. Some of these trends are hereby discussed.
ENCRYPTION: According to the 2012 reports of Ponemon Institute, US research findings on cybercrime show that 51% CEO survey said their companies experience cyber attack hourly or daily. This is to show how important the need for protection of data and responsible information management on the...

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