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Paper On The Globalization

1300 words - 6 pages

Change and Continuity in Contemporary Business Assignment Brief

Cardiff School of Management

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Course Title Module Title Assignment Title Assignment format Assignment length Assessor Name Handing out Date Handing in Date (Due date for submission to LSBM) BSc in Business Management studies (top-up) Change and Continuity in Contemporary Business Globalisation Individual Assignment (100%) 3000 words Mark Powell 8th October 2012 17th December 2012

Assessor : Mark Powell



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Internal Verifiers Date Reza Aboutalebi

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Essential Considerations
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range of things you have to discuss here 3. Globalisation and Environmentalism are incompatible. Discuss this statement and describe the positive and negative impact of Globalisation on the environment. You will also need to discuss what options there are for further protecting the environment within the paradigm of Globalisation. you use the green economics

Guidance (Do & Don’t)
          Start your assignment with a short introduction Finish your assignment/report with a conclusion This assignment must be your own work and original. All sources of reference must be included using the Harvard Referencing System You will be expected to check spelling mistakes and grammar. Make reference to at least 5 reliable literature sources to enhance your answer. Structure your report so that each task is addressed in turn. Use appropriate sub-headings to make your work logical and easy to read. Use appendix for additional/supportive information Your work should be interesting, logical and well presented. You should make convincing arguments supported with appropriate theoretical and factual evidence  Do NOT rely entirely on Internet sources: look for other sources in the library  Do NOT cut and paste information from ANY source

All work should be correctly and appropriately referenced, advice may be sought from the academic writing tutor or the library staff. Failure to correctly reference work may lead to an investigation into unfair practice due to the plagiarism (copying) of another author’s work or ideas without giving appropriate acknowledgement for the use of ideas Created by Mark Powell Page 2

Change and Continuity in Contemporary Business Assignment Brief Plagiarism is a serious offence and students found guilty of this offence may be unable to graduate.

Assessment Criteria
Students' work at undergraduate level is graded according to the following assessment criteria.

90- 100 a quite exceptional and outstanding answer, providing insights, which would not be in
next section, this range is distinguished by superior organisation, economic use of language and totally comprehensive, given the conditions of the exercise. 80 - 89 an answer which demonstrates an excellent understanding of the questions and of the complexity of the issues involved. There is a sound basis of relevant factual knowledge and/or the theoretical issues involved. Most of the important issues are dealt with in a detailed, specific and systematic way. There is either some measure of original thinking in the answer or an accurate and comprehensive account is given in a way which demonstrates understanding, for example by structuring the material such that it could not have been based just on reproduction of lecture notes and course material. Evidence of creativity, critical approach, and wide reading, beyond the core subject matter. 70 -79 As above but a slightly less consistently excellent level. Alternative, this range of mark may be...

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