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Katrina Henes
Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice
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Police dogs have become a vital part of the police force. They are well trained, obedient dogs that, unlike humans, do not fear the daily challenges that are put upon them while on the job. Police units throughout the world use K-9 units. They are employed by many different police forces and by many different governmental agencies through out the world. Police dogs can search 400 to 500 packages in a half an hour. They can search a car every minute. When a dog searches a car the speed that a dog does it in saves time, when a human searcher could only do about one car every twenty minutes. Also, ...view middle of the document...

Their shaggy coat developed into a thick, dense, short coat. They are relatively tall, (22-26 inches) and have a medium sized head with a long nose. This large body helps it support more muscle mass, so German Shepherds are usually very powerful. They have extremely powerful jaws with strong teeth, a dogs jaw can excert upward of seven hundred and fifty pounds per square inch and have a scissors type bite, so they just chew it up, tear it up, grind and shred whatever they are chewing. German Shepherds are usually used as police dogs because they are natural born working dogs. They have been trained and bread to be used to work, so they are very easily trained and extremely loyal. They are restrained and will usually not attack suddenly, but they can fight well. They are judged by breeders as very smart and are considered to have great judgment.
Dogs have been used for police work for over 75 years and are used all over the world in such places as the North America, Europe, the Far East and Russia. New York City was the first city to use police dogs, but with little to no success and money running out, they abandoned the idea. Then later, in London, they were very successful with the training of police dogs. This was taken up by other nearby towns, and soon spread to many large cities and through out the world. Early ways in which canine units were used were crude and probably explain the reason they were not successful at first. They would use the dogs as a crime deterrent, releasing them into the city after curfew, free to attack anything they wanted. Now, both dogs and partner go through very specialized and rigorous training. Current use of dogs on police forces is divided into five categories: Search, attack and capture, detection of explosives, detection of narcotics and a deterrent to crime. The search portion is used to find lost people as well as people trapped in wreckage or other things, and to find lost items. Attack and capture is used for exactly what it sounds like. The dogs are used to pursuit the criminal that is on the run and to take him down to the ground and hold him there until the dog's partner can arrive to arrest him. Detection of explosives and narcotics is...

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