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Paper On Philosophy

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‘A belief in miracles leads to the concept of a God who favours some but not all of his creation’. Discuss.
A miracle is either a “violation of the laws of nature,” or “divinely caused,” and Christians argued with the latter definition, further suggesting that miracles are revelations. Both approaches leads us to believe that God favors some but not others because miracles are “infrequent,” and seemingly arbitrary, which questions his worthiness of worship.
A belief in miracles leads to a partisan creator as it is evident that miracles are not prominent in nature. This is because, in order to be a miracle, they must be infrequent by nature. This is extracted from the etymology of miracles, such as the Latin “miraculum,” meaning an object of wonder.
Biblical miracles and miracles in nature appear to be arbitrary. For ...view middle of the document...

Another example is his bias towards Joshua in Joshua 10, who defeated five kings through the help of God, but He did not help King Saul in battle. This suggests that God is biased and is therefore unworthy of worship as he is not benevolent. However, some Christians argue that God is an unknowable mystery beyond human comprehension and therefore his miracles are not biased. It could be further argued that the problem of evil is beyond human comprehension and that moral evil must exist in order to allow free will so that we can develop into his image in this life. Natural evils cannot be prevented either because if they were all prevented through God’s intervention, the world would not make sense.
Some argue that Jesus does cause miracles, which may not always be understood by people. For example, most people would claim that God not preventing a Tsunami would be a sign of his lack of omnibenvolence, however some would argue that the few people who do survive the Tsunami do so because of God’s intervention. However, this still reveals God as someone who favours certain people over others and is therefore unworthy of worship.
Wiles claims that there are no miracles at all and that the only divine miracle is creation itself. The main motivation for Wiles’ rejection of God’s providence is that if God did cause miracles, they would seem arbitrary and biased for the above reasons. It also removes the idea that God is not omnibenevolent (because he chooses not to intervene consistently) or that he is not omnipotent (because he cannot intervene consistently). He instead argues that while Biblical miracles should not be dismissed, they should instead be considered as symbols and demythologized, as Bultmann proclaims. This helps to reveal God as worthy of worship without involving biased miracles.
In conclusion… (Left this out because it’s just a summary).

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