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Paper On Disney

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Innovation Leadership: Intuitive Surgical
Leadership Model
Intuitive Surgical utilizes the transformational leadership model. Transformational leadership helps management promote motivation, morale, and job performance. Under this leadership, employees and management will be able to help each other grow, which in turn helps the company become more innovative. In comparison to other leadership styles such as applying Nayar’s Employee First, Customer Second (EFCS) culture, Intuitive Surgical falls into a different business industry that acts as a monopoly. In these types of cases, things fall into one roof meaning the company’s goals should be passed down from top to bottom.
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Five Discovery Skills
Intuitive Surgical represents the five discovery skills in a number of ways. For one, the company implemented many “barriers to entry” and it shows that Intuitive Surgical is being proactive by taking the necessary steps to protect themselves from future competition. The skills required are mostly questioning and networking. They also know that their patents will expire soon and communicated this with hospitals and physicians to preserve the much-needed connection between their product and their customers (Hoffman, 2010).
The first, and most important skill, is associational thinking or associating, which “refers to how the brain synthesizes and makes sense of novel inputs [to] discovering new directions by making connections across seemingly unrelated questions, problems, or ideas” (Dyer et al., 2011). Because the article is more informational and discusses the business model and financial stability of the company in depth, it fails to address the relationship between the company model and the associating discovery skill. And in doing so, it insinuates that associating may not have been an important factor for the company since market share of the da Vinci or any type of product has been entirely with Intuitive Surgical. However, they may have to consider using this skill when their patents start to expire.

Lonnie Smith, CEO of Intuitive Surgical, and the management team realized that when their patents expire, their competitors have the opportunity to enter into the market legally. By knowing this, they questioned where their company will stand in terms of how they will continue to persuade hospitals, doctors and patients to use their robotics systems. Intuitive Surgical knew they needed to strategically prepare for these types of questions. By having a strong skill such as questioning, they will be able to help themselves stay as the top companies in robotics systems. With the knowledge they already have, they can improve so that even the smallest alignments on their systems will have a lower margin for error.
While they continue to question where the future of Intuitive Surgical will be in the future, the CEO and management team have been researching on potential ways they can produce new innovative ideas using their current patents. As wars oversees continue, they observed that their competitors have been inventing smaller, more portable robotic surgical systems, and the opportunity to enter into this market is available. An investment in the reduction of size and weight of its existing technology may provide future opportunities for military application (Hoffman, 2010). It is important that Intuitive Surgical is constantly aware of the trends of the robotic systems market and proactive to take the necessary steps to be continuously innovative.
The networking skill is also important for innovators to achieve their goals or solves their...

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