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In 2008 Barack Obama and the Democratic Party swept the United States Federal Government taking control of the Executive branch and majority positions in both the House and Senate. The President with Democratic Party leaders pushed forward on their liberal leaning agenda culminating in the passing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act referred to by republicans as Obamacare. The expansion of government, poor economy and the lack of visible change during first year of the Obama administration ignited the Tea Party movement in 2009 on the platform to shrink government and deny Barack Obama a ...view middle of the document...

Almost two-thirds of the thirty three class one seats were held by democrats and almost one-third of the total seats for election were left vacant and up for grabs as a result of an incumbent not running for reelection. The Democratic Party only held a slight majority in the Senate. The expected results was a repeat of the 2010 mid-year election in which the Republican Party would make further gains in the United States Congress. The results did not go as expected for the Republican Party. The final results in November, showed Obama retaining his position as President and the Democratic Party not only holding onto the majority in the Senate but gaining seats in the process.
The make up the Senate going into the 2012 election was fifty one seats held by democrats, 47 seats held by republicans, and 2 seats held by independents that leaned more liberal. At the end of the 2012 election fifty three seats were held by democrats, forty five were held by republicans and two were held by independents. A closer analysis of individual elections, shows a large effort by the Republican Party to grab seats from retiring democrat incumbents such as Wisconsin held by Herb Kohl and Virginia held by Jim Webb. The election that holds the greatest interest, is the Republican leaning state of North Dakota whose seat was held by retiring democratic Senator Kent Conrad.

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