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Paper For Johnson: My View Of Humanity

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My beliefs on the question of whether man is separated from other animals by degree or by kind are similar to the beliefs held by Adler and the Catholic Church. I believe that the human body differs from other animals in degree and that at some time along our evolution, a divine or higher being, gave us a mind that is unique from other animals. You can see this evident in the fossils that have been collected and found by archeologists. Those fossils obviously depict a difference in degree between the human body and that of other animals.A while back I was watching TV and saw a program on the development of the ...view middle of the document...

From this evidence, they were able to determine the abilities of the brains of our "ancestors". I believe that the reason for these unique and dramatic physical changes to our brains was caused by the implantation of our minds. I believe that because these changes our unique to human evolution that they are caused by our minds need for better tools to complete the tasks needed. Further more, I believe that these changes cause our minds to be present only in humans and differ in kind from those of other animals.In conclusion I believe that evidence collected from fossils suggests that humans differ physically from other animals in degree and that the human mind is unique to humans and differs from other animals in kind. I believe that we received our human minds from a higher power, which I believe to be God. Also that along with other physical evolution, I believe that our minds evolved but instead of evolving at a normal rate, I believe that our human minds evolved at an increased rate because of the need to keep up with the steadily increasing rate of the level of requirements demanded by our human mind. Lastly I believe that our human minds, in conjunction with our human brains, are continuing to evolve at the same rate even to this day. Therefore giving us the Level of evolution in the brain, body and mind.

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