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Avneesh Newar
Professor Rowe
10 December 2012
Is college a good idea for some exceptional students?
College education is a life experience that provides students with knowledge and skills to face challenges ahead in life. It is an extremely important form of education though it may seem as though college is not worth the stress and difficulty because several college dropouts such as Joel Osteen, LeBron James, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs were successful in their endeavors to achieve their goals. In the article Is College worth it?, Robert Hoggard states:
College prepares students for determination and responsibility although one can never truly understand ...view middle of the document...

The graph shows that people who are college dropouts earn $1,547,00 annually whereas people with a professional degree earn $3,648,00 annually. In the long run, students with a professional degree earn much higher than college or high school dropouts. The results are empirical that college provides students with a stable future.
College helps students develop skills that would help them succeed in their lives. In most colleges, students are encouraged to strike a balance between their extra-curriculum activities and academics. The college education system is designed to help students meet deadlines and work with a schedule. College years are the most crucial years for students as students develop their habits and skills over the course of their education. Although college can be difficult for some students with the increasing workload and exams, students learn to conquer challenges they may face in the future. During difficult academic situations, students are even taught to abstain from giving up. Apart from all the papers and exams, students are taught the art of leadership. In the current generation, leadership is a skill of extreme importance and can be defined as the process of achieving not only group goals but also personal goals. In my view, students are individual leaders of themselves. Most students attend college with dreams and high expectations of becoming successful doctors and engineers that they hope to achieve. The initial step of acquiring those dreams is the time a student invests by attending college to achieve excellence in his area of academic interests. Students have to lead themselves towards achieving their dreams by excelling in academics. Most students equate college with independence, as they feel mature to make their decisions and begin their freshmen year by attending fraternity parties. Some students deviate from their purpose of attending college by loosing their focus on academics since there are a plethora of distractions that can direct students in the wrong directions. Students can implement their leadership skills in situations when they face these distractions to abstain from consuming alcohol or drugs excessively. Some students even find the first few semesters challenging. Leadership plays an integral role during these times, as students have to learn to be clear in their perspective in achieving their dreams. The students who are successful in leading themselves by attending classes consistently and submitting papers on their due dates can provide themselves with a bright future by opening several doors of opportunity. My dad who feels that one should always plan and be focused towards one’s future often quotes “opportunity comes to a prepared mind”. College provides a ground for students to equip themselves with leadership traits that can be implemented not only in their student years but also in their professional and work years ahead.
Coming to college, I feel that I have excelled as a leader. I...

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