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1. Predict the form and function of medical health records in 2030 (provide specific example to support your response).
I predict that 2030 will be a long journey to the future success of healthcare starting with electronic medical records, which is a software-based solution that provides for the digital computerization, recording, and maintenance of patient and medical practice information. Medical health records address the need to establish quality in patient care and viability in medical practice. It seeks to ensure the rendition of accurate, efficient, organized, and collaborative exercise of practice competencies for predictable and favorable patient outcomes. The future of ...view middle of the document...

Today, no less than 76% of the 1,042,000 doctors of medicine in the US are non-hospital-based. These doctors independently provide general, family, and specialized healthcare services in about 263,000 physician's offices, 83% of which are small organizations. In the autonomous operation of non-hospital-based healthcare providers, the Electronic medical records system constitutes an indispensable tool for enhancing patient care and satisfaction, while affording attending physicians appreciable gains in efficiency and productivity for long-term practice viability.
In 2030 the world would focus more on the Electronic medical records systems promote greater freedom and closer collaboration between patients and physicians, more accurate diagnosis, prescription, and medication, and better intervention results since all important clinical and practice information reside in one transportable record that can have broad interoperability. Also exchange and sharing of patient information among healthcare providers, delivery of services will continue to be fragmented and prone to duplication, lack of coordination, and errors. While the privacy and confidentiality of healthcare information may be a critical issue, the downside of fragmented service rendition is appalling. Medical errors (i.e. in medicines, surgery, diagnosis, equipment, or laboratory reports.

2. Describe the most likely impediments to health care information access in 2030 and make at least two (2) recommendations to avert those impediments that can be implemented now.

The main concern with health care access is the HIPPA rights it is so many rules and regulations that will cause the access of health care information to be very difficult to attain. HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, was signed into law in 1996. It changed the way health information is handled, created standards for electronic claims, implemented national identifiers, and insured the security and privacy of patient information. HIPAA's Privacy Rule provides federal protections for personal health information held by covered entities and "gives patients an array of rights with respect to that information. The Privacy Rule states how protected health information should be handled including who can view patient information, when authorization for release is required, and implementation of policies for disclosure of information. In 2030 the Internet and emerging technologies are quickly changing the way that health professionals and the public gain access to health information, raising expectations for access and creating challenges for balancing ownership rights and public access to health care information. Balancing rights to the public should have the widest possible access to health care information. Likewise, information owners have the right to prevent the unauthorized use or sale of their property. We have different rights which are: Privacy: The right of all people to anonymity...

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