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The Pros and Cons of Underage Alcohol Consumption (Canada)
Whitney Aldrich, Armando Cruz, Bryan Munoz, Lucy Cortez, Mitchell Guidry
Team A
May 29, 2012
Scott Earle

The Pros and Cons of Underage Alcohol Consumption (Canada)

Canada is a country that is pro for under 21 years old to consume alcohol. They believe that if you have young adults start using alcohol at a younger age they learn how to monitor and control their drinking. Some of the reasons Canadians believe its okay are; they are less likely to see alcohol as a badge of adulthood and rebellion. Allows ...view middle of the document...

The lower legal drinking age means that more Canadian students drink than American students; however, those who imbibe display more moderation than their U.S. counterparts (Larry Hemelin, 200).
Even thou Canadians believe that the age of 19 is the right legal age for youngster to start drinking, many activists are still pushing new laws to raise the age limit for drinking alcohol. There are programs that are pushing to stop underage drinking. Awareness is being publicized in many ways. Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) are exposing driving drunk reports to bring more awareness to everyone from different ages, and hopefully reduce drunk driving and change the drinking age (Denise Dubyk, 2011). Nonetheless, the media and some activist groups, government agencies and foundations constantly promote the idea that most teen drinking is extremely risky and carries a high probability of causing alcoholism or death. Either way, the fact that the vast majority of youth are drinking regularly long before it is legal to do so suggests that current policy is a failure at its intended goal of keeping alcohol out of the hands of most of young people (Larry Hemelin, 2009).

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