Palm Oil Extraction Mainly Process Introduced By Professional Expert

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Palm oil is a common cooking ingredient in the tropical belt of Africa, Southeast Asia and parts of Brazil. Its use in the commercial food industry in other parts of the world is buoyed by its lower cost and by the high oxidative stability of the refined product when used for frying. As we are known, Malaysia and Indonesia are the main countries of palm oil-producing, which occupy over 80% of global palm oil output.
PALM OIL EXTRACTION PROCESS can be classified into the follow seven parts:
1. Fruit Reception System
This system is the first step of the palm oil plant and it is featured with automatic operation, labor & time saving.
A. Automatic weighing and automatic unloading/loading result in boosted production efficiency.
B. Moving along the fixed rails, cage carts are operated ...view middle of the document...

The machine is also quipped with a unique device for quickly opening the door, safe, reliable and easy to be operated.
3. Palm Fruit Threshing System
The threshing system is used to separate the fruits from the bunches.
A. A novel drum type thresher is chosen to ensure an optimum mechanical threshing efficiency and a lower failure rate.
B. The guiding device furnished in the thresher can control the conveying speed of palm fruit bunches.
4. Palm Oil Pressing System
The unique and novel design of the digester used in this section optimizes the efficiency of thermal conditioning and crushing of palm fruits before oil pressing, effectively increasing oil yield.
The continuous double-screw palm oil press and the hydraulic automatic control system for adjusting the pressure inside the press cage ensure high pressing efficiency, low oil residue in cake mash and low breakage of palm nuts.
5. Oil Cake Separating System
After oil pressing, the broken oil cake mash are to be dried and loosened, then they go through a vertical aspiration channel and a drum conveying type multi-stage separator to have fiber separated from palm nuts with very ideal technological results.
6. Palm Kernel Recycling System
After the pure palm kernels are dried and husked, aspiration is adopted to separate husks from palm nuts with very ideal technological results.
7. Palm Oil Clarification System
The crude palm oil produced contains much water and other impurities such as colloidal matters, dusts and sands etc. The complete set of crude oil purification equipment adopted can play an oil settling function continuously, resulting in an effective separation of water and impurities from crude oil.

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