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Pakistani Culture Essay

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Presented By: M.Ayoob

“Culture” can be defined in many different ways. “Culture” may be defined as “Behavior peculiar to human beings, together with material objects used” Culture consists of language,ideas,values,attributes,beliefs,customs, codes,institutions,tools,works and arts , religion, law, morality ,ceremonies and festivals. According to Muller-Layer, Culture can be defined as “Culture is an aggregate means of achievement and of progress” Please click to advance >

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•History & Background •Religion •Language •Mixed Culture •Dowry System •Male Oriented Society •Festivals •Dress •Handicrafts ...view middle of the document...

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“Mixed Culture”
Pakistani culture can be called as “Mixed Culture”. Although the majority of people in Pakistan are Muslims by birth and faith, there is a strong influence of Hindu culture on the present Pakistani culture. The shadows of this influence are quite visible on the marriage ceremonies and festivals like “Basant”.
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“Dowry System”
Dowry Systems and heavy expenditures on the marriage of girls is done, which is inherited from Hindu society because in Hindu society there is no share of women in the inheritance of their parents. Although women are given a share in the inheritance of their parents in Pakistani society, there are huge expenditures on the marriages of daughters.
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“Male Oriented Society”
Pakistani society is a “Male Oriented Society”, where they are given full protection and great respect. The family is headed by a male member, usually the oldest male member of the group. He guides the other members. Old people are given positions of prestige, honor and respect in Pakistani culture.

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“Festivals In Pakistan”
The majority of Pakistanis are Muslims and many customs follow from that faith. For example, Muslims may only eat halal meat and Pakistani recipes reflect this....

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