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Painting With Blue And Red Essay

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Painting with Blue and red Barnett Newman, Voice of Fire, 1967 Owned by the national gallery of Canada, museums try to get these different collections. Very close to Canada culture, shown at the expo 67 in Montréal, the world’s fair. When the work came up for by the widow by the artist, the museum thought, it was a great idea, and offered a much lower price than what she could get at auction. But the how this work defies our expectations in art. One of those are is representation. Art should represent something, it seems to reject and deny it. If the red and blue and been jumbled up it would look like fruit sitting on the table it would look closer to art sitting on the table. But Newman ...view middle of the document...

But after his death, he almost immediately became popular. There has being a rising in the popularity in his work till this day. The dollar value that they attract when they are sold. Vincent van gogh he is referred to as an icon of artist genius. It’s not because of the particular work he did but the myth of the kind of a person he was. The myth has to do with he carried on for 10 years of his careers without even being recognized, he put in a lot of personal sacrifice. the sense of genuine self-expression, he created that and he was the first artists to make an subject of his view of the world. He painted in the time he lived in the world he was in at the present. The each of the flowers has its own mood. His signature in the vase suggests it’s a kind of a self-portrait of his art. Why is this considered to be the work of a genius? Talk about the technique, he has this unfinished quality to it, looks sketchy, not polished. He did not go to any great lengths to make his picture to look perfectly polished and finished that a lot of the other art lovers expected back then. He left it quite rough in the technique. There are lots of his letters that survive to this day, he talks about in his letters of the process of creating art. He does not to hide the process of making art but to show that and make it evident in making the art as the end result. The very strong sense of passionate commitment despite of being mentally and emotionally grounded, he had big struggle. He didn’t have a mental order, he always felt like siting were rushing by him. He took that send of disorientation and feeling cast at sea and channeled it as the sea, is what we consider is genius.
The Parthenon, built from 477 to 438 B.C., Athens, Greece The roles of art plays in society and in history in different cultures. (greek building) Discuss this work as temple but also a center of the community of ancient Athens. It was the destination of the procession of the great recession to the apocalypse. How it symbolizes the Greek aesthetics from the great period in greek history. These high points in civilization. Today it is only fragment of what is used to be. And how it looked like in its glory day, All painted. He had the great statues of gold statue of Athena. From an artistic point of view, it was a giant sculpture, and to interact with the building and to walk in and around the columns. The greeks actually believed that in the human body is the perfect thing that gods ever created. The god themselves represented human beings and so they based their architecture in the human body. The columns were actually statures of human figures. The sense that they are thinner in the top and thicker at the bottom and seem to reflect of the weight of the columns, it just an illusion it’s just a stone. The precise geometry of the elevation so that theory is this slight bowing of the floor level it is slightly convex and even the columns bow outwards. There is this really precise optical...

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