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Pain Tolerance Between The Genders Essay

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It has often been said that men have a higher tolerance for pain than women. I myself have always disagreed with this stereotypical assumption. I have always considered myself a tolerant woman because I have experienced the agonizing pain of childbirth not once, but twice for a total of 81 hours without shedding a single tear. I have seen many other women do these 4, 7, and even 9 times and made it through with a smile. Most women most likely have imagined what it would be like if the husbands had to labor through child birth. I have read quite a few articles online about research studies that have been completed in attempt to gain a better knowledge into this controversial subject.
According to research, women experience pain for longer durations compared to men. Women focus on the emotional aspects of pain, whereas men tend to focus more on the sensory aspect. Coping ...view middle of the document...

Fillingim did not believe that motivations such as stereotypes or incentives explained men’s higher tolerance for pain but that there was a more physiological underpinning. "The monetary incentive did not influence pain responses, but the relationship between cardiovascular measures and pain response was influenced by the incentive manipulation," says Fillingim. This study showed that physiological factors such as heart rate and blood pressure can influence pain responses. (
Now on the flipside, more recent research is saying us women have a secret weapon, estrogen, according to Dr. James N. Dillard, assistant clinical professor at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City. This is how women fight through childbirth like champs. But as women near menopause, estrogen production decreases, which may explain why more women experience more pain entering mid-life. (
After reading numerous articles and a lot of thinking about this very controversial issue I have come to a conclusion. I believe that both men and women are strong, maybe different strengths. I do not agree with all of the research, men are not more tolerant to pain than women. I have seen for myself some extremely tolerant women and men alike, but from my experience women are just as tolerant to pain as men. Yes, some studies prove me wrong but real life situations show that women smile and deal with the pain just as some men do.

Higher Pain Tolerance in Men Can’t Be Bought By: Roger B. Fillingim
*Women Tolerate Pain Better Than Men By Colette Bouchez, HealthScoutNews Reporter


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