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Paige Turner Best Books Essay

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Knight Engines/Excalibur Engine Parts SWOT
I (Patricia Walrath) was the VP of Sales for Excalibur Engine Parts Company.
Karen Bendimez was a representative from Knight Engines Inc.
Going into this negotiation I went in with a set BATNA. I started off asking for $600 for each pistol and did not want to leave with less than $485 for each unit. Unfortunately my other option was to sell the units to Hank’s Super Monster Tractors Inc. for $100 per piston which would have given me a loss of $380 for each piston produced. This option of selling them for $100 was better than throwing them away but I was determined not to have a loss on all of the items. My alternative solution affected my negotiation by making push for a deal with Knight Engines Inc. because it would give me free advertising and shows the government our products so that if they are satisfied with our product, they would use us in the ...view middle of the document...

My Tactics and Strategies
During the negotiation I used the tactic of forbearance which ended up making me frustrated. It made me frustrated because when she started saying something I did not agree with I wanted to interrupt her. I felt like holding my tongue during that situation would have showed her that I agreed with her statement when I clearly did not. I also tried implementing the surprise strategy but she did not want to hear what I had to say, so I must have used it wrong. I also used the strategy of a quick close which she shut down immediately without giving it a second chance. While we hit an impasse and I felt like she was not budging I expressed how I felt which again failed for her to see my side. I also gave something (my asking price lowered) to get something (inventory out and my name out).
Counter Partners Tactics and Strategies
My counter partner used feinting by trying to put my attention more to what other people are able to get it for and made me look at my asking price. This strategy might have worked at the time but made me dissatisfied with our relationship because she was not being flexible. She also set limits by choosing a different place to sit from where I was originally when she was late to the negotiation. That made me feel disrespected, I do not think you should use that tactic if you are late to the negotiation. After we hit a few impasses she used the tactic of recapping everything that was agreed upon just to show we were making progress during the negotiation.
Relationship and What I Learned
My relationship is not good with the negotiator but it is not bad. It is good enough to where I will do work with her again if I absolutely have to or it will put my name out to high level costumers (such as the government). But on the other hand I will not enjoy working with her due to not having any visual concessions. During this negotiation labeled my concessions and got the response of someone who did not care. From this negotiation I learned to become more expressive of my dissatisfaction. I hid my dissatisfaction from the other negotiator and that got me nowhere.

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