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Pacific Brand Performance Essay

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How Pacifi Brands has performed to date?

The Balanced scorecard is a systematic means of linking the strategy of the business to specific objectives and performance measures in four key areas. It provides managers with feedback on a "balanced' view of performance. The four key areas are linked and casual. The perspective of the scorecard means many objectives and measures of performance are non-financial.

Performance rating (+tive, tive, neutral) Performance rating = Low, with low ,medium or High Medium, Strong impact

Performance measures

Financial Perspective: Increase in cashflow %


(1) Avoided/stopped company from going into liquidation by Cost-cutting, (2) ...view middle of the document...

(1) Boosted local design abilities, (2) expanded by forward integration (retail strategy for Sheridan) = recognition of customer needs Indication of the profit outcome from the targeted customer market of the business - Underwear & Hosiery business with 33% of market share brings 50% of total share, proving the focus strategy to be effective Improved efficiency in processing assist customers for whome delivery of product is time critical - offshoring production has proven successful for ontime supply of products An indicator of customer continue to purchase products/services from the organisation, in mature stage industry, post GFC impact, the customers retention rate seems to be flatten and not declining Indicates the ability of the business to attract new customers in it's target market. Sheridan business with retail extension is a positive forward Integration. This index provides an indication of the likelihood of the customers continuing to do business. The financial results demonstrate increase in customer satisfaction. ROI is a measure of the org ability to productively use capital, the written down costs of assets due to closure of 10 factory outlets $166 m. The continuous failure of the FOS - Footwear, outerwear & sports business requires a write -down of the business by another $175 m. ROI is therefore, has been minimal. ROS is a measure of the org ability to generate profit from sales, company has made profit in 2010 after many years of losses

Performance measures


Performance rating (+tive, tive, neutral) Performance rating = Low, with low ,medium or High Medium, Strong impact

Internal consistency: 1 Number of product defects Level of rework/product 2 deficiencies No of production process improvements

It is an indicator of the change in quality of products, improved quality means reduced cost of rework. This provides an indication of the number of failures in producing goods/services, also as a complementary measure to improve process time. Products and labels with less profitability have been removed, bring level of rework/product deficiency to low level. The reduction in brands and lables suggest that...

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