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Contract of Employees –
A contract of employment is an agreement specifying terms and conditions under which a person consents to perform certain duties as directed and controlled by an employer in return for an agreed upon wage salary. It can be either oral or written, or express and implied.

For example, when an individual at Siemens is staring work, they will sign the contract which has the terms and conditions, and will consent to perform certain duties

Employees at Siemens have a contract when they join, which outlines the terms and conditions. Every employee is under the obligation to carry assigned duties, or the employer's instructions to the best of his or her abilities. The ...view middle of the document...

They don’t always have to give the employee notice.

When an employee at Siemens is dismissed, the employer must show they’ve:
* A valid reason that they can justify
* Acted reasonably in the circumstances
They must also:
* Be consistent – e.g. not dismiss the employee for doing something that they let other employees do
* Have investigated the situation fully before dismissing – e.g. if a complaint was made about the worker.

Redundancy Pay - A sum of money given by an employer to an employee who has been made redundant: usually calculated on the basis of the employee's rate of pay and length of service.

At Siemens, if an employee is made redundant, they are entitled to a sum of money. This is noted down in the employee’s contract. The pay is worked out depending on the wage of the employee. If they are not given the right sum of money, then the employee can report this and complain for their rights.

Types of Employment Contracts -
Like the different types of working arrangement, there are different types of employment contracts.

Permanent contract - A permanent contract is an official or written agreement between an employee and employer stating the rules and regulations in a full-time or part time basis and the rules and conditions under which both parties are going to work and/or including the terms and condition for compensation and the targets or milestones to be achieved.

Temporary contracts - Fixed-term contracts will normally end automatically when they reach the agreed end date. The employer doesn’t have to give any notice.

Zero Contract - This Zero Hours Contract is designed to create an ‘on call’ arrangement between Employer and Employee. Zero hours contracts are used to cope with varying staff requirements, where the Employer is under no obligation to offer an Employee work but, when it does, the Employee is required to accept the offer.

Annual Hours - An annual hour’s contract is a system whereby the period of time within which full time employees must work is defined over a whole year.
For example, an average 40-hour week becomes 1,880 annual hours, assuming five weeks of holiday entitlement (37 weeks x 40 hours per week). This is the total hours an employee must work each year under the contract.

Job Share Contracts - Job sharing or work sharing is an employment arrangement where typically two people are retained on a part-time or reduced-time basis to perform a...

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