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P4 – Outline Working Strategies And Procedures Used In Health And Social Care To Reduce Risk Of Abuse. M2 – Describe Legislation And Regulations, Working Strategies And Procedures Used In Health And Social Care To

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Within our society there a many different groups of individuals, although everyone is at risk of abuse and maltreatment, some groups need more safeguarding than others. Vulnerable groups are at higher risk. A vulnerable adult is described as an individual who is aged 18 or over, who is in need of care and support form care services, who is experiencing, or is at risk of significant abuse or neglect and who is unable to protect themselves against harm or exploitation. There are a number of vulnerable groups within society which are: the frail and elderly, the less abled and individuals with mental health problems or learning difficulties, visual or hearing impairments or with some form of ...view middle of the document...

They provide the framework within which an organisation operates. They define what an organisation or service carries out and how they do so. Clear policies and procedures support effective decision making and allocation because they provide guidelines on what individuals can and cannot do, what decisions they can make and what activities are appropriate. (rcvda, N.D) Charters state what an individual can expect from an organisation such as the Department of Health, they can be used as a benchmark for service users. There are a number of factors relating to how jobs are designed or carried out that may increase the risk of violence or crime occurring within a workplace. As well as ensuring legal rights and responsibilities are met, they motivate and encourage individuals to be more productive. Good working practices can positively impact service users and workers, help build individuals self-esteem and promote individuals rights. (HSE, N.D) Within health and social care settings, there are many different professionals with different skills, expertise and knowledge. A multidisciplinary team is a group of health care workers who are members of different disciplines each providing specific services to the patient. Multidisciplinary teamwork is viewed as one of the key methods, through which care is achieved in the NHS. This is a very important element in the provision of meeting a service user’s needs. (HSE, N.D) Although, health care services and the whole of society have a role and duty to safeguard vulnerable adults, there are a number of government strategies and methods to further their protection so that their risks of being abused or exploited are reduced.
Law is passed by authority such as, parliament, central and Welsh government. Legalisation applies to everyone, the European convention and human rights and fundamental freedom 1950 and the human rights act 1998 set out the basic rights of all humans and regardless of their condition or situation. However there are also certain vulnerable groups of individuals that benefit from particular legislation and policies. For example, the Age Discrimination Act applies to individuals such as the elderly.
The anti-discrimination act, equal pay act, sex discrimination and the age discrimination act, all play a part in the abuse that occurs as a result of discrimination.
Approximately 9 million of the world's 650 million disabled people live in the UK. According to a recent report of the Department of works and pensions even though 3.6 million of the disabled, (approximately 40% of the total disabled population) are between 19 and 59, only around a million (less than 30 % of them) are employed. (Berthoud, 2006) Compared to the existing employment rate of 76% among the non-disabled population, the figures for the disabled are significantly low and raise serious questions about British society. Despite the UK being among the first nations to sign the recent United Nations Human Rights Convention for...

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