P1 – Identify How Two Organisations Plan Recruitment Using Internal And External Sources. In This Assignment I Will Be Investigating Recruitment Planning In Two Big Organisation

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Recruitment and selection in business

P1 – Identify how two organisations plan recruitment using internal and external sources.
In this assignment I will be investigating recruitment planning in two big organisation.
House of Fraser (HOF)
House of Fraser is a British, national organisation within the competitive retail industry. The company sells a variety of products under 5 main departments from Men’s shoes to Furniture to Beauty and electrical. House of Fraser also have their own Wedding list and buy and collect scheme, so people can order online and collect it at the store when the delivery arrives at the store. House of Frazer is a ...view middle of the document...

* The company is doing exceptionally well and are expanding and will ned more employees
* There has been a high turnover for HOF
In these situations, House of Fraser would need to employ new members of staff to fill the positions. HOF are able to choose whether to choose to employ staff on a temporary contract or a permanent contract, Especially over the Christmas period time especially for temporary workers are needed to cover the floor when the demand for products are high. If an employee leaves for any reason, House of Fraser can then choose to recruit new staff, but depending on their financial state overall as a business, and also depending on the importance of the role of the job. If HOF decide that they do want to recruit, they can advertise the vacancy or vacancies they have either internally or externally.
Internal and external sources used to recruit
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Adam Smith Page 1
House of Fraser often recruits internally, as it is a cost-effective and a good time-saving method. If House of Fraser choose to advertise internally, First after the vacancy has become available a job description of what the job requires will be presented on the advertisements so that the employees get a preview of what the job requires and also the person specifications such as what skills they will need and what qualifications are needed will be put across on the posters or other noticeable way to get the vacancy across to the employees are placed within the staff room or locker room where employees are likely to notices the advertisements of the vacant that is available. Also they advertise their available vacancies clearly on their intranet site for current employees if they wish to look. After collecting the employees who are interested in the job HOF managerial department create a shortlist of a certain number of people to interview and cut it down to the best candidates for the job. They then interview the all of the employees that were shortlisted. After interviewing them they choose the best employees to take over the role of that job. It is known that advertising internally for a vacancy in-store is usually a quicker process than externally as the process consists of less filtration of candidates and interviewing which also can be costly to the company which could be an opportunity cost, as the money that has been put on the recruiting could be spent on other expenditures such as better facilities for employees. The positives about using this method is that it is very cheap to advertise, the candidates are already familiar to the organisation. More likely to have much less applications. And also it is very good for the employees as it will push their careers to the next step in the

organisation. But however there are negatives to using this method as it has a limited choice of candidates. It may cause some problems/conflict between each employee as they fight for that job. As someone gets promoted then the space that they...

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