P1 Describe Physical, Intellectual, Emotional And Social Development For Each Of The Life Stages Of An Individual

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P1-Describe physical, intellectual, emotional and social development for each of the life stages of an individual.
The human lifespan has been described in terms of life stages, which describes the path of the human life cycle.
These stages are:
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Infancy (0-3years)
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By 24 weeks, the baby Weights approximately 1 to 1.5 pounds. During this stage of the trimester most of the symptoms the mothers was experiencing slowly begin to disappear.
The third trimester is the last stage before the mother gives birth. The baby is very active at 28 weeks and is ready to be delivered into the world.
Birth and infancy- About nine months after conception the baby will be born. The newborn baby has to take easily digestible food such as mother's milk in the first weeks in order to grow. A newborn baby does not have a fully developed brain but can usually hear sounds, tell differences in the way things taste, and identify the smell of their own mother or carer. Infants are born with various temporary and primitive reflexes. Nine months after conception the baby is born. The individual would have been unable to digest food apart from his mother’s milks or an alternative. This is essential in the first weeks in order for the baby to grow .The mother milks contain special vitamins and nutrients which is essential in order for the baby to survive and develop during the early stages of the baby’s life.
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It is during this life stage does the baby develop and grows at a rapidly.
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Infants are born with various temporary and primitive reflexes this enable
The baby would have the physical ability to:
-Recognise and interact with people
-Nelson would take interest to the sound of human voices and soon be able to

Recognise the sound of is his mother voice. At 3 months the baby would start to have able to sit with his head held steady for a few seconds if supported. At 6 months he would have the ability to roll over. At 9 – 12 months the baby is more likely to have been able to stand for a few moment holding on to something for support. From 15 months Nelson would have been able to walk & crawl upstairs.

Babies cannot hold up their head, roll over, sit up or use their hands to move objects deliberately. They develop these abilities as they grow older and physically develop. On average infants develop the ability to lift their head slightly at 0-1 month, the ability to pass an object from one hand to another and roll over at 6 months, the ability to crawl at 9-10 months and the ability to stand alone at the age of 12 months.

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