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P1 Describe How Marketing Techniques Are Used To Market Products In Two Organisations

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P1 – Describe the promotional mix used in two selected organisations for a selected product/service. (Xbox and Apple iPhone)
What is promotional mix: Promotional mix Using several different types of communication to support marketing goals which include Advertising, Personal selling, Publicity, and Sales promotions. Marketers to help choose these different types of marketing a firm reach its goals.
Furthermore the promotional mix is a combination of methods that are used for a product or service in order to sell that specific product or service. Moreover the methods in the promotional mix are:
* Advertising
* Personal selling
* Sales promotion
* Public relations
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Sales promotion: sales promotion is the set of marketing activities undertaken to boost sales of the product or service such as discounts.
* Xbox use sales promotion a lot. For example they have bundles, which contain the Xbox console, a two games an extra controller all for a set price. This is cheaper to buy than to buy everything separately.

* Apple do not really have many sales but recently have lowered the price of their second latest handset the iPhone 5s, apple did not publicly announce this though.
Sponsorship: sponsorship is where a business pays to be associated with a certain event or image.
* Xbox sponsor the Seattle sounders football team which is good advertising as every game they have Xbox will be advertised on there football shirt.
* Apple do not sponsor any sport teams or clubs but do donate large sums of money to a range of charity’s every year.

P2 Describe the role of promotion within the marketing mix for a (one) selected product/service (Samsung)
Marketing Mix
The marketing mix is a combination of the four ps:
* Price – tariff, sale, discount, sale terms, credit terms
* Product – quality, features, brand, packaging, size, warranty, after sales
* Place – where and why that chosen location
* Promotion – Sponsorships
Additional three P’s create the 7 P's:
* People
* Process
* Physical Appearance
Influence Promotion has on product/service
Samsung offers a wide range of high technology, varying from mobile phones and computers to Televisions and set top boxes.
Influence Promotion has on price
Price is ‘the amount of money expected, required, or given in payment for something’. Price is important as it generates revenue and profit. In this case customers already know that they are paying money for a high quality product simply because of the Samsung brand name being famously known for their affordable deals and availability of high quality products. The price assists in the promotion of the Samsung products due to its attractiveness and unique features and services they offer, due to this Samsung have the higher advantage of selling their products due to them being the main attraction. This therefore allows Samsung to increase their prices on specific products although still generate profit and revenue.
Influence Promotion has on place
Place is the location positioned, in the marketing mix is very essential as getting the right product at the right place at the right time is crucial. Both offline and online is how Samsung operates two channels in order to sell both its services and products. The store (offline) offers the same amount of assistance as the Samsung website (online). Depending on how much personal time an individual person has this will determine if the use the online or offline store.
Influence Promotion has on packaging
Packaging is the ‘materials used to wrap or protect goods.’ It is important, as it is literally the first point of contact the...

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