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P1 Business Essay

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Personal specification –
The personal specification provides details of the ideal candidate; allowing a previous ‘perfect’ employee image for the interviewee. It provides details of the ideal characteristics of which the company is looking for within a candidate. It narrows down candidates to show which ones are more suitable for the position. This is a good way as a short listing process. Allows an idea of the skills, qualifications, experience and knowledge needed before the interview, and can be cross-referenced during the interview stage, as well as browsing over the application.
It’s a good way to check off the key requirements that are needed so the emich is employing.
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This will be good for a job that has a lot of people interested in the job. On the other hand, it does not allow the company to see creativity as a C.V allows the candidate to express themselves with a piece of paper designed by them.
It can probe to produce more information that a candidate may have otherwise been trying not to mention in a C.V. It also is easily set out and could also be put into a computer easily due to the same questions for each candidate.
The application form allows candidates to list their skills that could be useful for the job, and then the employer could compare this to the personal specification. Candidates have the chance to list their ethnicity, past experience, qualifications, along with interests. This provides a quick, easy to read tool for the employer to read.
The candidate would put all contact details onto the form, in case they are lucky enough to gain interest with the employer.

Contract of employment -

Once accepted into the company, the employee would be brandished with his tool for companies. This tells the employee everything they need to know about there work, along with the safe net for the company and employee due to them having to...

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