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An Analysis of P.S. I Love You
Tammy McDaniel
ENG 225
Jonathan Beller
August 15, 2011

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An Analysis of P.S. I Love You
The 2007 film, P.S. I Love You, is a film about learning to let go and move on with your life after the death of a spouse. The Film stars Hilary Swank, Million Dollar Baby and Gerard Butler, 300. It also stars Lisa Kudrow as Denise, Gina Gershon as Sharon, James Marsters as John, Kathy Bates as Patricia (Holly's mom), Nellie McKay as Ciara (Holly's sister), Harry Connick Jr. as Daniel, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as William. This paper will critique the film, 'P.S. I Love ...view middle of the document...

A different letter will arrive each month for ten months. The letters range from singing Karaoke to
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going to Ireland with her friends. During the course of these letters Holly is pushed into a new future. Gerry has sent her on a journey to discover who she is without him in her life. Gerry ends each letter with P.S. I Love You.
The filmmaker's presented this film in chronological order to show how Holly deals with her life without Gerry and how she finds the courage to move on. This film takes place in a years time with a few flashbacks to help you understand the love that Holly and Gerry shared. Some of the settings used in this film include: Holly and Gerry's apartment, Holly's Mom's bar, and Ireland.
Holly suffers from an internal conflict. She knows that she will have to let Gerry go but, she does not want to. She resolves this conflict by reading Gerry's letters and doing what he asks. The letters in this film are a symbolic gesture of Gerry's love for Holly and him wanting her to move on with her life and not be depressed that he is gone. People who have lost a loved one can understand the internal conflict that Holly suffers from. This makes the movie more real to these people.
I think this film ends up being a Situational Irony "occurs when we expect one thing to happen and something else does." (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2011). Through out the entire movie film you believe that Gerry set everything up with the post office so the letters arrive to Holly on certain days. At the end of the film you find the Gerry talked Holly's mom into delivering the letters to Holly. Against her feelings that this was not good For Holly she does what Gerry asks. The dialogue in this film allows you to see how Holly goes from being depressed to being happy with her life. You can tell the difference when Holly is talking to someone that she is slowly letting go of Gerry. I believe that the plot and the character drives the film forward. "The plot
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consists of carefully chosen elements from the story that the writer feels the viewer needs to know and has arranged into a consciously designed order, leaving out some things and possibly repeating other things more than once." (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2011) I feel that this goes hand in hand with Holly's mom being the one delivering the letters. The character drives the film,because you want to see how Holly handles receiving the letters and following through with what Gerry wants her to do. This is a film that uses flashbacks to help you understand certain things. The flashbacks in this film allows the audience to see just how much Gerry loved Holly. It shows that he loved her so much he wanted to help her move on with her life. He wrote those letters knowing that he was going to die. He wanted to help ease Holly's pain after he was gone. I feel that the...

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