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The LDL market segmentation for Procter & Gamble is based on three main product attributes. Performance describes the product’s primary cleaning benefit, mildness describes the gentleness on hands, and price provides the benefit of low cost. P&G positioned its three LDL brands very differently. Ivory is positioned to appeal to females, primarily middle-class mothers, who enjoy the benefit of younger looking hands. Advertisements depict a mother/daughter comparison to illustrate this youthful appeal. Its creamy-white color and light scent relates this LDL to the Ivory bar soap, which consumers recognize for its mildness. Dawn is ...view middle of the document...

We recognize that projected trends show the performance segment will continue increasing in category volume, while the mildness and price segments will either decrease or remain consistent. Dawn will be reformulated with H-80 components to improve its performance, expectantly taking advantage of the growing performance segment. The H-80 has proved especially effective for grease-cutting and tough, baked on foods, two of the most desirable consumer-rated attributes. Adding this ingredient to the Dawn brand will increase its favorability among consumers seeking such performance attributes. Furthermore, for general dishwashing, H-80 performs as well as other LDLs when diluted with water, allowing the consumer to use less of the product under normal circumstances. This improves overall product value, especially relevant for economically-minded consumers. The nonabrasive scrubbers in the H-80 formula are made from biodegradable shells of microscopic sea organisms, a natural ingredient that could be perceived safer and more...

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