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Ozone Depletion Essay

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Human activities have effect many things on the world. Urban growths, industries, nuclear power, cutting down the forest and many more have made the world in danger. Those events have made many animals become extinct and homeless. Human would also be in danger in the future. The most important of all that human activities have caused is the ozone hole. BAS scientists first discovered the ozone hole over Antarctic in May 1985. During the past few years the ozone has been depleting; the hole in the ozone could be worse and cause more harm to the living things on earth, but the scientists have found many new things in their research and the government and UN have planned many solutions to save ...view middle of the document...

The ozone in the atmosphere protects living things on earth by blocking ¡§the harmful ultraviolet light from the sun, which can cause sunburn, skin cancers, cataract, lower crop yields and damage the marine food¡¨ (Gonzalez 1). In addition, the ozone protects snow, glaciers and ice from melting. It would be a lot hotter if there were no ozone in the atmosphere. Moreover, the ozone layer also controls the temperature in the upper atmosphere.Thirdly, the ozone in the atmosphere is decreasing due to the human invention of the CFC compounds. The CFCs are chlorofluorocarbons that come from spray cans; industries and refrigerators cause ozone depletion. When sunlight breaks the CFC molecules in the atmosphere, chlorine atoms are being produced and these chlorine atoms react with the ozone. The chlorine atoms react with the ozone molecules, turning the ozone molecules to the natural O2 gas (Dietrich 5). The oxygen molecules that living things breathe everyday. Nevertheless, although the reaction¡¦s outcome is still ozone, the O2 molecules cannot protect living things from ultraviolet ray. Thus, many ozone molecules are turning into O2 every day. A chlorine atom reacts and destroys about 100,000 ozone molecules before it become stable and doesn¡¦t react anymore (Dietrich 2). The CFCs have been released in the atmosphere for decades. Thus, for the next five to ten years, ozone will keep depleting and the hole could be bigger (Dietrich 2).In addition, the ozone molecules are not only being broken down by CFC molecules but also pollution from industries and air pollution. Moreover, the ozone molecules are naturally being broken down to O2 molecules by sunlight every day even without any other chemicals reacting with it. Greenhouse gases also contribute in destroying the ozone. Greenhouse gases are all the toxic chemicals being released in the atmosphere. For example, the chemicals from air pollution contribute in ozone depletion. The smoke from cars is a major source of air pollution. The carbon dioxide, CO2, which is one of the major elements that causes ozone depletion and the greenhouse gases. Most of the CO2 molecules come ¡§from the combustion of fossil fuel,¡¨ which means from the car (McCarthy 1). Another major air pollution comes from industries. Pollution from industries is worse because industries release all kinds of chemicals that react with the ozone molecules. The ozone molecules also react with bromine, nitrogen, hydrogen and chlorine are being released into the atmosphere from soil, ocean and volcanic eruptions.Next, the ozone hole is affecting the world and could be worse in the future. The ozone is allowing more heat to come into the earth. Thus, the ozone hole is making the earth warmer. Due to this reason, most of the earth¡¦s ice is melting. The 20th century is ¡§the warmest century¡¨. Even an increase in 1-degree Celsius in the...

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