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Oxford Plastics Company Essay

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De La Salle University Ramon V. del Rosario College of Business Management and Organization Department

Case Analysis No. 5 Oxford Plastics Company
Management Principles and Dynamics Mr. Raymund Habaradas 3st Term, S.Y. 2011-2012

Group 2 Balinas, Diberjohn Carigara, Llany Lopez, Annie Santiago, Kristoffer Villapando, Leizl

12 March 2012

Case Analysis No. 5: Oxford Plastic Company. -The Power of Two.


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Synthesis Point of view Statement of the problem

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IV. Statement of objectives V. Areas for Considerations

VI. Alternative courses of action VII. Recommendation VIII. Implementation plan IX. Learning ...view middle of the document...

Statement of objectives  To develop a business strategy that will create a competitive company while maintaining a positive relationship with all the stakeholders and simultaneously preserving the environment To be able to find ways on how to address the issues raised by Oxford’s diverse organizations and groups in relation to its expansion project

V. Areas for Considerations Several theories and concepts were considered to better understand the situation and help solve the problems faced by the company Oxford Plastics. 1. Stakeholder analysis – From the perspective of a stakeholder model, any organization has a social responsibility to serve the interests of its many stakeholders. This will facilitate an understanding of the individuals and/or groups that will be affected by the planned change by taking into account their interests and influences to the company.
Case Analysis No. 5: Oxford Plastic Company. -The Power of Two. 3

Figure 1. People and groups with interest in the new project of Oxford Plastics Company 2. Resource-based approach – It looks at the input side of the transformation process. It assumes organizations must be successful in obtaining and managing valued resources in order to be effective. From this approach, organizational effectiveness is defined as the ability of the organization, in either absolute or relative terms, to obtain scarce and valued resources and successfully integrate and manage them. This framework will help recognize and evaluate the key resources available to the company. 3. Cost-benefit analysis – This uses a comparison of what alternative will cost in relation to the expected benefits. At a minimum, the benefits of an alternative should be greater than its costs. This context will aid in identifying if a decision is reasonable and will yield positive impact. 4. Force-field analysis – This involves consideration of forces driving in support of a planned change and forces resisting the change. This technique will help strengthen the forces the support a decision and, at the same time, be able to identify and reduce the sources and effects of resistance to it.

Case Analysis No. 5: Oxford Plastic Company. -The Power of Two.


o Phase 1: Unfreezing  Establishing a good relationship with the people involved  Helping others realize that present behaviors are not effective  Minimizing expressed resistance to change o Phase 2: Changing  Identifying new, more effective ways of behaving  Choosing changes in tasks, people, culture, technology, structures  Taking action to put these changes into place o Phase 3: Refreezing  Creating acceptance and continuity for the new behaviors  Providing any necessary resource support  Using performance-contingent rewards and positive reinforcement Table 1. Force Field Analysis of Oxford’s plan to construct color lab and paint shop Driving Forces Plan Resisting Forces  Economic growth of Beatty (+1) Oxford to construct a state-of-  Environmental...

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