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Overview On The Theory Of Recruitment Process And The Use Of Selection Tools

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November 2015


Table of Contents

Executive Summary 3

The Focus of this Paper 3

Recruitment Process 3

Selection Tools 6

Recommendations for My Firm 7

References 8

Executive Summary

Human capital is a potential source of firms’ competitive advantage. To capitalize on this, firms must understand the structure and the different aspects of the recruitment process and selection, and put in place a recruitment strategy, which sets out objectives, specifies recruitment activities, and takes into consideration ...view middle of the document...

Although academics oftentimes seem to be pessimistic, saying that researchers still had failed to address properly a number of crucial issues in the field of recruitment, research provided to practitioners a considerable body of knowledge regarding what works well and what does not in recruitment (Ryan and Tippins, 2004).

Having read Ployhart’s article (Ployhart, 2006), I recognized that for my rapidly growing company, staffing is a strategic opportunity for enhancing competitive advantage because talent is rare, valuable, and difficult to imitate and substitute. Consequently, companies that better attract, select and retain talents can build up a precious and unique human capital that no other company can match.

Given my company’s needs, in this paper I focus on reviewing the most important elements of the organizational recruitment process by using the researches of Breaugh and Starke (2000), present key findings on selection tools on the basis of the works of Ryan and Tippins (2004), and make some recommendations as how my firm can efficiently improve its recruitment and selection practice.

Recruitment Process

Academic research defines recruitment as the organization’s collective efforts to identify, attract, and influence the job choices of competent applicants (Ployhart, 2006) or according to Barber “recruitment includes the practices and activities carried on by the organization with the primary purpose of identifying and attracting potential employees” (Barber, 1998). Common element in both definitions is that recruitment is not described as a set of independent activities but as a process consisting of interrelated activities.

In my experience, my firm focuses more on single recruitment activities and does not seek to establish an organizing framework for the entire recruitment process. In the absence of this framework level thinking, companies usually overlook the complexity of the recruitment process (Barber, 1998) and cannot successfully create and accomplish a recruitment strategy.

Breaugh and Starke’s provided an organizing framework for understanding the recruitment process. They argue that every company must answer some fundamental questions at the beginning of the recruitment process. First, a firm must have a clear vision about what sort of individual does the organization want to hire, more specifically what knowledge, skills, abilities and experience are important for the company. Having answered this question, the company confronts many other strategy related questions such as whom, where and where to recruit? Breaugh and Starke reason that a company wishing to intelligently answer the above strategic questions must first establish objectives upon which a sound recruitment strategy can be developed, pursuant to which the company can undertake the recruitment activities which can lead to the desired objectives.

Based upon the above, Breaugh and Starke believe that the recruitment procedure consists...

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