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Overview Of Transparency Essay

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Transparency in the government financial management surely is important to produced fairly comprehensive performance measurement system and providing insufficient disclosure of these performance information to the wider public. An informed citizenship is vital for healthy, free societies and it also support the fact that citizens have the right to access the documents and proceedings of the government to allow for effective public oversight. In other words, a healthy system of government is an open government that allows all who desire to know to find the information they are seeking. This is why the degree of transparency becomes a ...view middle of the document...

(CPA Australia, 2012)
There also an issue with transparency where when the most recent call of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) to the G20 to require improved government transparency and accountability reporting has been ignored for the third time. Regarding this G20 refusal IFAC Chief Executive Officer Ian Ball states that the signal this sends is clear where even in the face of the most severe economic consequences, governments would prefer to budget, account, and manage their finances in ways that are non-transparent and are according to rules they themselves set. The Board of Enron should have been so lucky (Ball, 2011). This issue shows that if the government itself did not critically involved in promoting the transparency, any improvement regarding the transparency and accountability of government financial cannot be achieved.
CPA Australia also touch on the situation where if the governments were caught up in the financial and sovereign debt crises, they will need to regain the trust of the public concerning their ability to manage their country’s financial position. Ernst and Young (2011) notes that an accounting method alone cannot guarantee that governments will always make the right decision and CPA Australia agrees with that. They also conclude that a willingness to increase transparency and accountability of its financial position is certainly the right step toward the right direction and the Australian Government experience provides a useful road map to assist governments of the world in making this journey easier and less costly. (CPA Australia, 2012)

In today’s world, the economic strength of the United States and the federal government remain critical to its success. U.S. has been recognized that there is a new standard in the operations of the nation’s traditional institutions in conjunction with the advances of technology and from the perspective of accountability and openness, the revolution of electronic technology is the speed, quality, and quantity of information access and dissemination.
From the article “Transparency in the U.S.: Towards Worldwide Access to Government” by Steven L. Katz, it question the U.S. ability in ensuring the transparency and accountability without the examination of the fundamentals of their democracy in the electronic information age. It also raised the issue whether the leaders and the institutions that they lead reflect an understanding of how the world is changing.

In a democracy, citizens are the governors and the governed. Nothing is more essential to the concept of self-governance than access to government information. Yet, the pathways for access have been disordered created by the citizens at the controls of their own democratic government (Steven L. Katz, 2001). This obscures the importance of openness of transparency to the furtherance of democratic ideals by the government.
It is stated that when information is not...

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