Overview Of The Republic Of Panama

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Beautiful Panama
Panama is a country full of beauty with a vibrant culture. In Panama there are a lot of things to see, do, and eat. Panama’s is official name is the Republic of Panama. The capital of Panama is Panama City. This country is located in the in the southernmost part of Central America. It is bordered by Costa Rica to the west and Colombia to the southeast. It also has the Caribbean to north and the Pacific Ocean to the south.
Panama is one of the countries that were explored and settled on by the Spanish in the 16th century. In 1821, Panama broke away from Spain to join a Union. The union included the countries of Ecuador, Venezuela, and Nueva Granada. The Union was called the ...view middle of the document...

The Isthmus begins from Costa Rica’s border to Colombia’s border. The Isthmus of Panama also divides the Caribbean Sea from the Golf of Panama. The thinnest part of the America, which is about 30- 120 miles wide, clutches the Panama. Rodrigo de Galván Bastidas, a Spanish explorer, was the first European to ever visit this area. This occurred in 1501.
Panama rapidly became the path and marketplace of the New World. Items such as silver and gold were carried by ship from South America all the way to Spain. The next year after Galván Bastidas discovered the isthmus, Christopher Columbus landed on the north part of the coast. In Colonial time Portobello (“Beautiful harbor), a market town, began to flourish. Due to the building of the Panama Canal it caused heavy migration to Panama City.
Panama was a part of Spain’s Empire from 1538-1821. This would add up to a total of about 300 years. During the Spanish American Wars, things began to heat up all across the Latin America. At the same time the Capital of Panama, Panama City, was preparing for independence. However, Panama City’s plans went faster than they expected due to the one-sided Grito de La Villa de Los Santos. This is translated as the “Cry from the Town of Saints). This was issued on November 10, 1821 by the people of Azuero.
Omar Torrijos was the Commander of Panama’s National Guard. He was a de facto dictator from 1968-1981 in Panama. Even though people some him as a anarchist he had the United State’s support. He also was against communism but his government was based on progressivism. When he was in power, the military changed the structure of politics and the economy by putting into action huge protection of social security services. In addition to that, he expanded public education.
In 1972 the constitution was changed. The changing of the constitution created the Assembly of Corregimiento Representatives. This replaced the National Assembly. The new Assembly is known as the Poder Popular, or the Power of the People. The constitution was written by 505 members chosen by the military without involving political parties. The political parties had been destroyed by the military. The changed constitution declared Omar Torrijos as the Maximum, or supreme leader of Panama Republic. The new constitution also granted him unlimited power of Panama for six years.
To keep an illusion of constitutionality they elected a president. Demertrio B. Lakas was appointed president for the same amount of time. Omar Torrijos died in 1981 during a plane crash. His death changed the tone of Panama’s political evolution. Even though the constitution was changed it still dominated the political life of Panama.
Some People regard Panama as a part of South America. The Panama Canal joins the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean to the Northern part of the Pacific Ocean. Based on size, Panama is rated 118th in the whole world. Panama is a little bit larger than the Canadian province of New Brunswick. It is...

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