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Overview Essay

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Managing and Directing Successful Projects with PRINCE2TM


Managing and Directing Successful Projects with PRINCE2TM

Written by Andy Murray of Outperform, Lead Author of PRINCE2 this brochure provides an overview of both Managing and Directing Successful Projects with PRINCE2TM.

The public consultation comprised of: • Reviewing the Issues Log • A series of workshops/focus groups facilitated by the Best Practice User Group (BPUG) • ‘Champion’ interviews of key users • A series of surveys. More than 170 organizations and individuals provided feedback as part of the consultation process. Analysis of the feedback shows a general consensus for change as follows: • Reduce the ...view middle of the document...

The project to refresh PRINCE2 was managed using PRINCE2, taking the mandate as the trigger to appoint the project management team and create the project approach. The project approach was developed through the use of a Review Group (comprising a broad crosssection of stakeholders) culminating in the publication of high-level Product Descriptions for the revised publications. More detailed Product Descriptions were developed and then subjected to a design review comprising of the previous PRINCE2 author, lead authors the other OGC Best Practice products and a selection of sample users. The design review resulted in the baselining of seven principles upon which PRINCE2 would adhere to. The principles define what makes a project a PRINCE2 project and provide guiding obligations for good practice when applying the method to a specific project. The project used an iterative time-boxed approach of releasing interim drafts for formal quality review by a Review Group comprising all stakeholder categories. There were four formal iterations in total. The feedback from each quality review was used to improve the draft manuscripts ready for the final author draft when it was handed over to the production team for copy-editing and publishing. In parallel to the quality reviews, the revised method was also subjected to a number of pilots – to prove the changes to the method work in practice. A total of 12 organizations participated in the pilots,

How was PRINCE2 refreshed?
The report from the public consultation was used by a Reference Group comprising users, academics and standards bodies appointed by OGC to help create the mandate for change.

Managing and Directing Successful Projects with PRINCE2TM


including the British Council, Standard Bank and Staffordshire County Council. Finally, the final author draft was subjected to an assurance review undertaken by a Change Control Panel on behalf of the Project Board. The Change Control Panel assessed the manuscript against the Product Descriptions to assess that all requirements had been met and just as importantly that all changes were within the scope of the mandate. The overriding approach was one of ongoing public consultation involving all stakeholders throughout the design and development activities, as can be seen from Table 1 below.

What are the main changes to PRINCE2?
The most noticeable change is that there are now two guides for PRINCE2: • Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 is aimed at people who work on projects on a daily basis • Directing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 provides a guide for those who direct or sponsor projects.

Team Managers and Project Support. The book provides a universally applicable project management method – the principles, processes and techniques that enable individuals and organizations to successfully deliver their projects. Key features include outlining the principles and processes of PRINCE2, descriptions of the themes of...

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