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Overruling Forces In Hamlet Essay

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Overruling Forces in Hamlet April 27th, 09 Clay Fulton

Hamlet is an extraordinary play that is known throughout the globe. It is reenacted and redone countless times. The character Hamlet is known to delay throughout the play. This is from the overruling forces around him that seem to persuade his mentality to be an introvert. Hamlet was going to act when Ophelia, Polonius, and King Claudius had thought he was mad. King Claudius was the only one who did not believe his madness, he was not convinced. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern had convinced Hamlet to delay his course of action by revealing that Claudius was curious about ...view middle of the document...

Hamlet has now stopped all action, and has now initiated to not seek the revenge so quickly, and to now plan it out more. “My lord, you must tell us where the body is, and go with us to the king” Meaning that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern really are henchmen for the king, and are used whenever needed. They do not find anything out for the king; they just end up reporting his madness. They fail to distort Hamlet into revealing anything, and Hamlet deludes them into failure with his wits. Nevertheless, they are a force that teaches Hamlet to plan wisely.

Hamlet feigns his madness to misinterpret to Ophelia, then to Polonius, and finally to Claudius. This sets off the three characters to play a dominating impact on Hamlets conscience, which ends up overturning Hamlets revenge so quickly, and starts a delay. Ophelia starts to delay Hamlet by confusing him. Ophelia begins to reject his love, but then starts to not be able to live without it, making Hamlet really suspicious on what she really wants. “No, my good lord; but, as you did command, I did repel his letters and repel his access to me” Meaning that Ophelia is obedient, and took command in unleashing a force at Hamlet that would cut all his love interest off out of the blue, making him realize she is not on his side. Hamlet starts to think that Ophelia is being controlled by Claudius plan and rejects her, and criticizes her. Ophelia was truthful, although the appearance of her first obedience of her father Polonius created a delusion that Ophelia was working against Hamlet, this delusion convinced Hamlet that Ophelia was not on his side. Creating mistrust between the two, and Hamlet being delayed by what Polonius started with his daughter. Polonius created delay to Hamlets plan through his own personal way of following orders, and a part of who he is. Polonius was a man who always wanted to drag things out, and to Polonius, it made him look and feel important. By being a person of that stature, it created mind that would always obey his master to get farther in magnitude in royalty. Polonius had followed whatever Claudius said, which led to his death by Hamlets hand. “I will be brief. Your noble son is mad” Polonius explains how he will only be a short amount of time, but he is lying. Polonius rants on and on about Hamlet to make himself feel important, proving that he has this personality of making himself feel important. Hamlet was delayed once again by Polonius because he followed Claudius’ orders and made Hamlet believe that heaven was trying to make him sin, so that he would go to hell. Also, make Hamlet feel that Claudius was trying to kill him because of the eavesdropping. The murder had progressed Hamlets mentality into making him feel more of a killer; Hamlet was always capable of killing because of his motive on what the ghost had foretold. Hamlets plan was always delayed by the force of other individual motives.

(Counter Argument)

Hamlet attempts to act out his plan but is...

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