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Overpopulation In China Essay

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Overpopulation in China


1949 The Peoples Republic of China was formed. The population then was made up of mostly workers. The Chinese families were paid to have babies.

1953 The Chinese population had grown to about 583 million people. The Chinese government no longer offered an incentive of pay to have babies.

1963 The Chinese government realized that the families continued to produce babies and they were headed for major problems. The Chinese government came out with, Later Sparcer Fewer Policy. The Policy encouraged Couples to have children later in life, space the births farther apart, and have fewer children. The problem with this policy was that ...view middle of the document...

80's The United States an other countries publicly criticized China for it's strict guidelines on births. China retaliated with acts of violence against infant girls. As a result The Chinese government relaxed the laws regarding the One Child Policy, and allowed families to have a second child if there first child was a girl.

1998 Approximately 19% of the population of China adheres to the birth control policies.


Economically in the past fifty years, China has raised the standard of living in the country by keeping birth rates down. Access to Earths natural resources in the area has increased since 1980. The Chinese has plenty of land for agriculture, food supply, water and gas resources to sustain presently.

Natural water resources were not being encroached upon and eroded by humans because of the population control. There was enough land for people to live on and not spread out further to natural resources.

According to The State Family Commission off China tap water coverage has dramatically increased in a ten year span by 10% from 84% up to 94%.

Natural gas coverage had an overwhelming increase for the better, from 16% percent up to 73%.

Medical care and insurance during this time frame...

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