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Overpopulation Essay

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Commercials are a huge part of today's television programming. Seldom can we sit down and watch a show on T.V. without interruptions of commercials trying to persuade us to buy something or send somebody our money. There are new AT&T “it’s not complicated” commercials. More, Werewolf, Dizzy, Tree House and Grandma. In the beginning at the end of each commercial I thought that it made absolutely no sense until I put everything together. They all make sense but in the most complicated way, you really have to pay attention. In each commercial a guy from AT&T is in a classroom with elementary school kids asking them questions and they respond saying whatever is on their minds.
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AT&T Guy: “What's better, doing 2 things at once or just 1? “ Little kids: “TWOOOOO!!!!!!!!” AT&T Guy: “You're sure?” Little girl: “I ammmm, absolutely positive!” Little boy: “It's 2 times as awesome.” Little boy: “The thing I can do is
wwwave my head and wwwave my hand” (at the same time) AT&T Guy: “That's amazing”
AT&T Guy: “I've never seen anything like that.” Little girl: “Look I can do it t—“AT&T Guy: “Hold on I'm watching this. “ Little boy: “I'm kinda dizzy”
Announcer: It’s not complicated. Doing two things at once is better, and only AT&T’s network lets you talk and surf on your IPhone 5.”
In the Tree House commercial this is what occurred. AT&T Guy: "Which is better? Bigger or smaller?" Kids: "BIGGER!" AT&T Guy: "So which would you rather have, a big tree house or a small tree house?" Girl: "If it's big enough, you can have a disco." (kids dance) Girl: "Oh yeah!" (kids laughs) AT&T Guy: "Why would you not want a smaller tree house?" Boy: "Because, they wouldn't be able to fit a flat screen T.V., and then the tv would be about this big -and you'd have to hold the wire, and in the position you'd hold the wire, you wouldn't be able to see the T.V." AT&T Guy: “That's a pain in the buns.” Kids: “Yeah.”
Announcer: It's not complicated, bigger is better, and AT&T has the nations largest 4G network.
In the Grandma commercial this is what occurred. AT&T Guy: “What’s better faster or slower?” All Kids: “Faster!” AT&T Guy: “Ok, what's fast?” Little Girl: “Um, my mom's car and a cheetah.” AT&T Guy: “Okay.” Little Boy: “A spaceship.” AT&T Guy: “A spaceship.” AT&T Guy: “And what's...

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