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Outstanding Sixth Forms Essay

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Collation of Research
Research 1 |
Source | Expectations - Whole School | Expectations - Lessons | Expectations - Student | Expectations - Teacher |
Faringdon Community College (Psychology Dept. have produced a set of expectations which are shared with students each year).INFO:11-18 Mixed comprehensive school situated on the edge of Faringdon – an affluent Oxfordshire market town.Specialist Status in Engineering and Applied LearningRated Ofsted Outstanding May 2008 KS5 DATA (2012):Small cohorts – 42 in 2012.2012 Average UCAS points per student – 359.A*-E 99% at A2A*-B 50% at A2 | Attendance & punctuality - find out in advance of the next lesson what work was missed so students will ...view middle of the document...

& Politics, etc.Show effort & initiative – students make their learning active & find / ask for additional resources.Students match each 1 hour lesson with 1 hour of personal study.Revising throughout the course, not just before tests. | Clarification of anything not understood in lesson straightaway as course tends to move quickly.Teachers model successful revision techniques, tried & tested methods include: Mind maps Bullet points Revision cards Quizzes Planning answers to exam questions Practise past exam questions in timed conditionsTeachers provide revision cards of main theories & studies. Plan lessons & resources to suit individuals by differentiating for lower, middle & upper abilityMake every piece of homework meaningful & useful.Give out weekly essay practice both as homework & in class in examconditions, also carry out end of topic formal tests in exam conditionsGive students a chance to self & peer assess before & after teacher markingof workMark essays as quickly as possible with appropriate feedback (includingstrengths & areas for improvement)Keep records of missed homework & following up appropriatelyRecord essay grades in A-U format in department spreadsheetKeep a register so any students missing lessons can be followed up regardingmissed workGive all students the chance to be involved in discussions |

Research 2 |
Source | Modelling | Questioning | Subject Knowledge | Pace |
Farlingaye High School (Research Paper produced by member of staff for Master’s program).INFO:11-18 Mixed comprehensive school in Suffolk. Rated 8th comprehensive school in England for A-Level results (The Independent 2009)Rated Ofsted Outstanding March 2007.Survey results come from a relatively weak basis – less than 30% of 6th Form students responded to survey used as basis for report; compared to nearly 70% of teaching staff. Despite the multitude of statistics, etc. quoted, the basis for the report’s findings appears to be a number of lesson observations conducted by the author. KS5 DATA (2011):99.5% pass rate.56% of A2 grades were A*-B.11% A2 grades were A*Average Point Score 980 | Modelling was observed as being used in a number of ways:In a Maths lesson the first 20 minutes were spent with the teacher modelling how to solve an equation (as a new topic). Students were then given time to complete similar problems, leaving the teacher free to circulate and offer one-to-one support. This is effective as it offers students reassurance in how to complete new or ‘perceived difficult’ tasks. In both a Humanities and a Science lesson, modelling was used in the form of showing students a completed project. A positive and reinforcing tool to show students the end result, this is effective as it again offers students reassurance but also a clear picture of what they should be aiming for. Criticisms:Students expected all assignments to be modelled, (in my opinion this would remove the element of...

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