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Outsourcing America Essay

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In Exporting America journalist Lou Dobbs exposes multinational corporations that are shipping American jobs overseas to low wage countries. He basically states outsourcing American jobs to foreign countries has caused too many problems in the United States. Companies are literally giving away American jobs to foreigners because they will work for pennies on a dollar and no benefits.
Lou tells how the power and financial strength of Multinational corporations has affected the political agenda. These corporations pay millions of dollars a year to elected officials for their own personal agenda. This helps on the off-shoring of jobs because these elected officials are preaching free ...view middle of the document...

Going back to chapter five the high cost of free trade, classical economists Adam Smith and David Ricardo states that free trade is the exchange of goods and services that each trading partner provides most efficiently and productively and free of government interference, resulting in balanced benefits to both trade parties (Dobbs 65). This is a bunch of crock “Free trade” please how is shipping jobs overseas considered free trade? What is the United States receiving in return?
Either they do not understand that outsourcing threatens our economy, our jobs, and our way of life, or they chose to ignore it. These corporations do not realize that when they move jobs they move tax dollars and without tax dollars what good is this country. The government will be forced to release all of the convicted felons from jail. Healthcare is already a big issue in this country what will happen without the support of Medicare and Medicaid. The welfare system will completely fall and the homeless ratio will increase.
“Nation states are losing power to corporations.” This is true because our government has allowed businesses to run this country as they sit around twiddling their thumbs. They claim NAFTA and the WTO are good things. Please NAFTA is the main reason why this country has a huge IOU with China and thousands of people are unemployed. The WTO has put Americans lives in danger, by allowing unsafe products to return...

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