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Outreach Programs Annotated Bibliography Essay

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Outreach Programs and Their Effectiveness in Lowering Crime
Outreach programs are amongst one of the solutions that communities turn to when they begin to see elevated crime rates. The real question, however, is: Are these programs effective? I strongly believe that community outreach programs may be our one valid solution to lowering crime rates in a country that is seeing some of the highest crime rates that we have ever seen. I have found two scholarly articles along with two newspaper articles that I have summarized below that support my theory that outreach programs can be a very effective solution to rising crime rates. My research has provided me with data that backs up the ...view middle of the document...

While not all programs are deemed to be effective, the right ones can be, and our nation can benefit from them. Taxpayers have no need to worry, as extensive research proved that these programs could be initiated under a cost-effective plan. Crime prevention begins with outreach, and with this outreach, we will begin to see lower crime rates.

McDonald, John. "Crime Rise Laid to Gang Activity // Towns with Declining Rates Cite Youth Outreach and Intervention. Series: Crimestats.1106." Orange County Register: 0. 06 Nov. 2004. ProQuest Newsstand. Web. 30 Sept. 2012. McDonald, a writer for the Orange County Register, states that the crime rate in Orange County has fallen in many areas due to a number of youth-intervention programs that have been effectively used. McDonald provides the reader with some alarming numbers, making it evident that crime and gang violence in this area is on the rise, but the efforts that these outreach programs are making are helping to hinder the crime rate that appears to be growing. With help from the community as well as a juvenile justice intervention program, it’s clear that these outreach programs can be effective. In order for crime and gang violence to decline, communities must be proactive in providing their youth with a new path that they can take instead of resorting to a life of crime. The author states that these programs may be the most effective solution in our ongoing fight against crime.

McKinney, Matt. "Minneapolis to Study Chicago Outreach Model to Cut Gun Crime." Star Tribune: 1. 28 Jul 2010. ProQuest Newsstand. Web. 29 Sept. 2012. The author of this article, which appears in Minneapolis’s largest newspaper, introduces a program known as “Ceasefire” that could potentially be the city’s new way of fighting gun violence. The program, which was developed by Dr. Gary Slutkin in Chicago, hires civilians to go into tough neighborhoods and reach out to those most likely to be the victims or perpetrators of gun violence. The program has been proven...

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