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Outline The Function Of The Main Cell Components

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Unit: 8 Individuals rights in health and social care

Criteria: 1, 2-L1
Identify service users that you interact with or have knowledge of. Identify their rights to when access and using health and social care services | Identify two legislations that protect the rights of the service users. Give an example how relevant legislation protects a service user. |
Mental healthLearning disabilitiesReceive appropriate careChildrenAdultsyoung people | Human rights act (1998): right to life, freedom, right to fair trial, right to liberty, right not to be punished for something that was not a crime when you did it.Equality act (2010): protects people from discrimination, harassment and victimisation depending on age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership etc. |

Criteria: P1, P2- L2
Summarise the individual rights of ...view middle of the document...

| Human Rights act (1998), Equality act (2010).Human rights act gives you the right to sue anyone to cut when one of the rights and freedom are being breached. Example is right to life, right to education, right to participate in free elections.Equality act (2010) protects people from discrimination, harassment and victimisation depending on age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership. |
Criteria: 3, 4-L1

Imagine you are working in the care sector with the responsibility to ensure safety of service users. Identify how you will plan to maximise service users’ safety.
Risk assessment
Evacuation plan
Carrying out needs assessment
Record outcome of the risk assessment
Share information with colleges.

Create a list of how service users’ rights to confidentiality are protected in the health and social care sector.
1. Follow legislation, policies and procedures.

2. Ask for consent to share information.

3. Security confidential information.

4. Verify identification of person.

5. Ensure privacy is given when receiving care.

Criteria: P1, P2- L2

Describe how an employee can plan to maximise the safety of service users
Employee can maximise safety of service of service users by ensuring the equipment are safe and not faulty , making sure the environment is clean and free from germs, risk assessment needs to be updated, control of substances harmful to health and provision of first aid facilities.

Describe how the rights to confidentiality are protected in health and social care sector.
Right to confidentiality are protected by making sure no one knows about a person’s information apart from you and this can only be breached when you receive order from the person or when it is very important like if a person says she is being bullied by her aunt then if professionals raise concerns it is then appropriate to breach confidentiality.

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